Ray Tracing Books

Here is a little collection of books related to 3D graphics, especially to ray-tracing and modeling.
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If you have any remarks about the books or if you miss a book of which you think it would have to belong to this list please tell me: books@povworld.org


Ray Tracing Worlds With POV-Ray
Book which describes the version 2.2 of my favourite Ray-Tracer Persistence Of Vision (version 3.1 of POV is now released). It includes Sample scenes and a description of MORAY as well. Additionally there is a syntax reference. Unfortunately there is no newer version of this book.
by Alexander Enzmann, Lutz Kretzschmar, Chris Young - more about this book - (out of print)

Ray Tracing

An Introduction to Ray Tracing
This book is a great introduction for those who are just getting into ray-tracing. It provides the programming-oriented reader with a good start on writing their own ray tracer. Richly illustrated with plates.
by Andrew S. Glassner - more about this book - Price: ~ $70

Computer Graphics : Principles and Practice
This book is somewhat like the bible of computer graphics. On over 1000 pages everything you would expect in 3D graphics is covered, including shading, ray tracing, radiosity, transformations, and clipping. Well, the mathematics of computer graphics is quite complex, so this book might not be an easy one for a beginner. It contains example programs in C and at the end of each chapter there are exercises. And then - it has over 100 beautiful, four-colour photographs that illustrate important topics and algorithms.
by James D. Foley, Andries van Dam, Steven K. Feiner - more about this book - Price: ~ $70

3D Photorealism Toolkit
A must have for everybody who works with 3D graphics! It's about photorealisme, surfaces of objects, how to get the right camera settings, modeling ...
by Bill Flemming - more about this book - Price: ~ $40

3D Creature Workshop
Book about modeling, creating photorealistic 3D creatures. It covers techniques of the programs 3D Studio Max, Lightwave and Master 5; but it also contains general information.
by Bill Flemming - more about this book - Price: ~ $50

Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques: Theory and Practice
This book is one of the best books out there in the field of 3D graphics. Most of it covers static rendering and ray tracing. It covers volume rendering techniques, shading languages, quaternions, Euler angles, radiosity, inverse and forward kinematics, etc. There are lots of examples. Explained in a simple way so that everybody can understand it.
by Alan Watt - more about this book - Price: ~ $50

3D Computer Graphics
The book focuses on how to render three-dimensional objects. It covers various techniques which are often used. It contains all the basic elements concerning 3D graphics, such as geometric modeling, view projections, rendering, texture mapping. One of those classic books.
by Alan Watt - more about this book - Price: ~ $50

Texturing and Modeling (2nd Ed.)
Book about the important algorithms for 2D and 3D graphics. A mathematical and theoretical book with examples in C.
by David S. Ebert - more about this book - Price: ~ $55


Is Georgia . . . a hamster?!!!
An ebook not about ray-tracing but illustrated using POV-Ray.
by Stewart Cowley - more about this book - Price: ~ $8