This collection contains objects for the use with the Ray Tracer "POVRay". The objects are arranged in categories and subcategories. Just click through the categories till you come to the desired object. Click on the title or on the image to receive the source code for a certain object.

For other problems and questions or when you find a mistake, write an email to me:

Symbols explanation:
POV 3.0 - POVRay source code up to version 3.0; probably running with version 3.1.
POV 3.1 - POVRay 3.1 source code. NOT running with version 3.0.
Rhino - Rhino 3D source code
MegaPov - Nathan's patch for pov-ray, you can download it for free at
SPatch - Spline Patch modelling program (see

Frequently asked questions

How much space are you using for the collection?
As I am hosting the pages on my own server space is not the problem, bandwidth ist the bottleneck.

Are you going to limit the file size?
The zipped file is not allowed to be larger than 500 KByte.

Would you welcome architectural objects like small bridges, single family homes etc.?
All kind of objects are welcome. But there is no guarantee that all objects will be included to the collection.

Are you reviewing all objects submitted for artistic quality/versitility?
Yes, at least so far. Up to now no object has been refused because of that reason. I will have to simplify the submitting routine when there are coming more objects.

What about special/unique textures?
If they are really special or belonging to a certain object, textures are also welcome. But this is in the first place an object collection, so please don't send me for example various wood textures.

Are you looking mainly for single objects or do you prefer plug-in style object generating files?
Both are welcome. Well, there are also collections of include files which make various special effects. Don't send me them, submit only include files which make objects, not special effects. Probably there will soon be a special section for macros.