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POV-Ray Include, Macro, and Object Files

Include Files

2D Parameterization Include File
Include file for generating nearly any parameterizable surface.
3D Parameterization Include File
Include file for generating nearly any parameterizable object. The object can be used in CSG.
5 POV-Ray Include files
Site contains 5 POV-Ray include files Geodesic Dome, Short torus macro, Curve generator, Cracke Pattern (Making objects with the shapes of the crackle pattern), Penrose Tiling, and a Regular Polytope. Include files page is in Japanese only but the files are easy to use.
Tree generating include file
Anton's Lego Include File Libraries
This is very cool stuff: lego blocks for the Persistence of Vision raytracer. You can now put lego creations into your ray-traced scenes! Almost as fun as the original.
A Bezier Spline include file
#Bitwise include file
Allows for emulation of bitwise operations in POV-Ray
Makes a host of different organic shapes
Brilliant Cut Diamond Include
CD Include File
The RSJ Website contains an excellent CD Disk include file
Pov-Ray include file that makes linked chains
Play a game of Chess with POV-Ray Include file
Chris Colefax Include Files
Chris basicaly invented the include file and has more include files than can be listed here.
A classic Greek columns include file for POV-Ray by: Steven Pigeon
Edna Dorblazer Institute of Theoretical Cosmetology and Mad Secretarial Sciences
Edna has several include files worth looking at
Feather Include file
This include file will create a realistic feather object.
Gear Include File
The idea behind this include file is to easily create gears in POV-Ray by just declaring a few parameters. It uses a full CSG object to create a gear as individual as is needed. The calculation of the gear geometry is based on the description of the german institute for standards (DIN) but it is unknown if these norms conform to the ISO standards.
POV-Ray include file with many declared textures and diamond shapes available
This is an include file for making realistic grasses with. Also on this page is a comprehensive tutorial explaining the techniques involved with the process.
Guy Rauscher's Includes
Animated / Satans garden tree generating include file
Hexoganal grid include file
Creates A hexagonal mesh or grid like object with selectable depth.
Illusion Include file.
The Illusion Include File lets you apply an image to a surface in such a way that the image when viewed from a certain point is not deformed by perspective, neither by the shape of the surface. You can set the point from which the illusion is complete, that is, not deformed. You can also set the dimensions, orientation, and quality of the illusion.
IOR include file
This is an include-file with about 117 different IOR-values. Lists the IOR values for several different material types.
Inverse Kinematics Neck Include File
The Inverse Kinematics Neck Include File (or just allows you to create smooth strings of objects which you can use for long necks, long tails, and many other things.
IsoWood Include File
An include file that uses Megapov's Isopigment features to create stunningly realistic wood piments and textures.
John's Star Field Page
Uses an assortment of randomly-placed spheres to create a star field..
Keith Hull's Moray Plugins
Inludes the following plug-in moduals- Corrinthian Collumns, Liquid Spray, Galaxy, and City Generator. The last three are include files created by Chris Colefax and are available on his home page as standard POV-Ray include files.
Ken Tyler's KOLORS.INC file is based on the standard POV-Ray file but has been enhanced with the addition of many more pre declared colors. There are over 550 colors in all in the file plus there is a demonstration pov file included complete with indexing to help you select the correct colors for your scene.
Komuro's Motion dynamics include files and
Two POV-Ray include files. One is a model of a Lady and the second a model of a hand both in .inc format.
Lighting Include file
This include file will help you to create bolts of lightning for your scenes. It uses recursive POV-Ray code to accomplish this.
Location <0,0,0>
POV-Ray related site - Incs, Tutorials, Links
Mathematical Art
Polynomial, fractales, bioitération, landscape and more. Site contains a gallery of image produced using the above techniques plus offers include files for the creation of some of the images presented.
Nathan Kopps LensFlare inc.
This is very popular and excellent utility that adds lens flares to objects in your scene.
Nebula Include File
An include file that generates nebula like objects with different patterns.
Paul T. Dawson PTD
PCCS Color Include file
An include file for systematical color specification in POV-Ray scene files. For the include file, data is adopted from "Practical Color Co-ordinate System (PCCS)" developed by Japan color research institute.
Polyhedral Include file
Povray Include files
Site contains a nice little collection of POV-Ray include files in the plugins section. Items available are - Trees, Effets de flare, chaîns, Books, Stwist, Mesh, Tentacle, Bend, Spheres and cones, Galaxy, Explode, City, and a Horse.
POV-Ray Planitarium
Pov Planetarium is a DOS based progam and a set of non-DOS specific include files which can be used to model the Solar System using the POV-Ray (tm) ray tracer. You can use this package in non-DOS versions of POV-Ray, but you will not be able to compute the positions of solar system bodies for dates other than the example data set which is included in the package. Additionaly, the conversion of the background stars image also requires a DOS based computer to run the included converter.
POV-Ray 3.x Inc files
Has 6 or more include files
POV-Ray Utilities/incs
Color-Wheel progam plus 6 include files of various types
Random Scene Pov
Source code (randscen.pov) Creates a random scene when new seed is given
Rounded Box Include File
A rounded box include file using POV-Ray primitives
Smokegen POV-Ray 3.1
SmokeGen lets you easily create different types of smoke, from smoketrails after boats, airplanes etc to smoke from a blown-out candle or cigarette.
Sonya Roberts Include Files
Keyboard, Tree, Books, and others
Spline-Tree: Andrew's POV Files Page
A tree include file for POV-Ray v3.1
Stair Include file
This include file allows for the easy creation of stairs. The site is in both French and English.
Star Field Include File
Creates customizable star fields for POV-Ray
This file creates a system for viewing POV-Ray scene files in stereo.
STK's Page
POV-Ray includes - SelfTree, Dragon Curve Generator., Dice, MengerSponge
Sven's Blue Page
Self-made POV-Ray-Plugins (include), Personal Gallery, Links. Page is in both German and English.
Thomas Willhelm's Include Files
Polytope, Wireframe Stars, Segments Include Files
Tree generating include file - Excellent utility with many options version 3.0
This is Sonya Roberts Tree include file for POV-Ray v3.0
TresHall - Include files,, Crystaline, 30sided object, Conways Game of Life
Useful Inc Files
Most are at THE POV-Ray Objects Collection
This include file will place objects at random on the surface of any object. Requires Ron Parkers Super Patch
A color correct star include file that allows for both color and magnitude. This a new and improved version that allows for more stars than the previous version.

Macro Files

58 Macro File Utilities
Download 58 useful POV-Ray macros all in one zip file. These are from the collection at plus others from the POV-Ray newsgroups. These range from object generating files to utility in nature. See bottom of page for download link.
Accurate Sun Position macro
A macro for calculating the position of the sun for any given time and place on the surface of the earth. It's cleverly called
AngOfDist and RGBfromHue macros
AngOfDist -> returns the angle of a distance on a circumference, specify radius, and distance, returns the angle. RGBfromHue -> returns an RGB vector specifying a color of the hue you have passed it. Sample scenes available for both macros.
Animated Lips Macro for POV-Ray v3.1
Arbre and Mur include files is a macro include file for the generation of realistic trees in POV-Ray and is a macro that makes realistic rock like block walls similar to what you might see in a garden or in dungeons. Both files created by Steven Pigeon and are hosted with persmission by Ken Tyler.
Asymmetrical Scaling Macro
The Asymmetrical Scaling Macro is a very useful tool for scaling several parts of objects in separate ways, for example to create an egg shape by scaling a sphere asymmetrically. Object merging supported for perfect transparent objects. - Macro
A bezier spline macro include file.
Blob Man Include file
Blob Man is a set of POV-Ray macros that generate a humanoid figure from Blobs, the Head, Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet and Fingers can all be positioned. Hair of varying styles can be added if required, as an image_map for each limb segment.
Bolt macro
Includes many parameters for controlling the size, thread pitch, and head sizes. by : Marc Schimmler
Chris Huff's Macro Collection
A collection of macros. Includes macros for math operations, objects, plant generation, etc.
Cog include file
Bobs Cog Generator .V1.0b 4kB.An include file for POV-Ray to generate various forms of cogs - ideal for clockmakers!
Depth of Field Macro
Unlike POV-Ray's camera blur feature this file will allow you to adjust the out of focus point in your scene
Double Slit Macro
Render the pattern that appears behind a double slit with Povray 3.1.
Flagstone and Brickwall Macros.
This site contains two useful macros for creating brick walls and realistic flag stone walkways. The flagstone include file requires the MegaPov patched version of POV-Ray. The page also includes other POV-Ray objects such as a clock, a lamp, swords, and other items of interest.
FloorTile Macros
This include file contains macros to generate patterns of floor tiles. Four patterns are currently included, modelled from real hardwood floor tiles.
Geodesic V2 macro
This macro include file creates evenly distributed points on a sphere like a geodesic dome By: Uwe Zimmermann
Gear mess
These tools, featuring an ANSI C program and a Pov-Ray 3.1 macro, can create complex gear sets ready to be used for any purpose you could find for them. These gears have several interesting properties that you will find useful. See site for additional information.
This page contains 4 macros - A tree macro, an eyeball macro, a floor tile macro, and a 2D function macro.
John VanSickles Thoroughly Useful Macros and Include files
John has a great collection for any POV-Ray users tool box and an exellent tutorial on using the POV-Ray matrix feature.
Lattice Work Macro
The Latticework macro can produce 31 different designs and with three different cross types and can apply the texture at three different levels all within the macro so that you can have as many different types of latticework in one scene as you like.
Lens Macro
Create magnifying lenses with just two macro parameters: lens radius and thickness. Two example refractive glass materials included.
Macros - SoftForm, XTree, and Voetbal
*SoftForm, is an INC with a macro that creates (flat) polygons with rounded edges. It also has shortcuts to create several polygons, including stars. * XTree is an include-file that creates simple Xmas-type trees. *Voetbal (soccer ball) is yet another ball-macro but this one is (for) kicking!
By Gilles Tran - Make Very realistic Trees in POV-Ray. This file keeps evolving and is very much in demand.
Mesh Box Macro
This small macro makes it possible to build a box consisting of mesh triangles, with an input of only two vectors (just like in the regular box object statement). Useful for exporting from POV-Ray.
Nut macro
Use this with Marc's bolt macro include file by: Marc Schimmler
PovPlace Macro Collection
Site contains a nice little POV-Ray Macro collection that is in the process of being added to.
POV-Ray Macros
Fill - Box or Cylinder with Spheres Macros
POV-Ray Object Files by Gilles Tran - A True Master of the Art
Site includes a Macro Tree file, Grass generation, Window Blinds, Brick Walls, Special Shape extrusion Macro, 19th Century Lamp Post, Folding Deck Chair, Odd Pipe connecting Macro file, Glass w/liquid object, Broken Egg, and Angel Wings object.
POV Resources
Macros, matrix & radiosity help, a couple scene files.
PTD Tree 3
A new tree include file by Paul T. Dawson. This tree include file uses macros to create the tree and is based soley on triangles for signifigant reduction of memory usage.
PUT Macro
An interesting macro that connects two pre-declared points. You will have to see the site to understand the function of this one.
Regular 3D Polygon Generator
A POV-Ray macro used to generate regular 3D polygons. Great for making tiles! This is a direct download only. No web page available.
Rounded Box Macro
Do you wish to use a box without sharp edges in a scene, but a superellipsoid isn't quite the thing you want? Try this macro to get some smooth edges without placing all those spheres and cylinders.
Random function Macro
A macro shortcut for a mathematical calculation: input is a range (two different numbers), output is a random number in that range (i.e. smaller than the maximum and larger than the minimum).
Spline Macro Collection
In this include, "Bezier_Plane_UV" macro can create a free curved surface by joinig sevral bicubic_patches of MegaPOV together. This surface goes through the points that you need, and you can use UV mapping on this surface.
A utility file that uses macros to add lofting and extruded splines within POV-Ray
Subdivision Surface Suite
A subdivision surface is a method of generating curving surfaces by taking a mesh of polygons, and refining those polygons by replacing them with smaller polygons, each derived by a set formula from the polygons of the prior generation of the surface. The resulting polygon mesh, over successive generations, approaches a smooth curve. The Surface Subdivision Suite is, as its name implies, a suite of macros which enable the user to take a coarse triangle mesh and smooth it into something that appears far smoother.
Include file that contains a macro to construct a trip-let, a block which casts three different shadows when lit from three orthogonal directions.
Triscan Macro for MegaPOV
Triscan.mcr is a macro definition file designed to work with MegaPOV's new features, such as trace(), min_extent, max_extent, and so forth to produce a simulated surface scan of a #declared POV object, and export it as a triangle mesh in RAW or LSL format. RAW files can then be converted with programs such as 3DWin or Crossroads to a number of other formats, and LSL files can be directly imported into the Leveller height field editor.
This macro for is Megapov 0.4 and up and makes it quite easy to make realistic tires, and allows for user-defined treads.

Object and Scene Files

3Dimensional Models
3D Models in Moray .MDL format
ABC Wood Letter Blocks
Archive of imagination
POV-Ray scene files and objects -Misc.
B-Spline Plugin DLL for Moray
This updated plug-in dll for Moray will allow you to create B-Spline objects.
Crimson Illuzion's Site - StarWars Models, POV-Ray Textures, and Utilities
Site contains a nice collection of StarWars models in POV-Ray format, some POV-Ray v2.2 textures, and a small collection of POV-Ray utilities.
Cyberbust Gallery
Mostly an exhibit of his work Has POV-Ray files available too.
Dast's POV-Ray page
Eyeball, Candle, Padlock, Array include files for POV-Ray v3.0
Digital asteroid models
Digital models (wavefront and POV-Ray formats) of real asteroids derived from radar images. .Pov and .inc files available.
Digital Mavica Camera modeled in Povray
The digital camera around which this page was built got assembled in the Povray language with 206 frame level objects.
Eurêka 2.12 (French site)
Appears to be a vrml 3d mplicit / parametric surface modeller.There are POV-Ray models available at this site.
Friedrich Lohmueller gallery
While-loops with POV-Ray - how to create twisted rings - samples with POV-Ray scene files by F. A. Lohmueller.
Free Standing Lamp
Gail Shaw's objects
Swords, pen/pencilset/desk org, odds ends
Hardy´s POV-Objects and more
Steam-machine, animations
IsoSurface Object Library
This is a collection of isosurface object functions that are intended as starting points for the making of your own POV-Ray isosurface objects. The functions are grouped into categories. The Isosurface object is currently only available in patched versions of POV-Ray but will be later available in the official release of POV-Ray v3.5.
IsoSurface Object Library
This is a collection of isosurface object functions that are intended as starting points for the making of your own POV-Ray isosurface objects. The functions are grouped into categories. The Isosurface object is currently only available in patched versions of POV-Ray but will be later available in the official release of POV-Ray v3.5. (Alternate site to one above)
Isosurface Shape Library
This page contains a few different shapes and their functions for use with Isosurfaces. Isosurfaces are available in MegaPov and will later work in POV-Ray v3.5 when it is released.
Jayz models
Moray-files Electronics, Office, Bathroom misc.
Keith Hull's Moray Plug-In's
Math Surfaces
Implicit and Parametric formulas for 3D shapes + images. Gallery of beautiful and unusual mathematical surfaces, with the POV scene sources that made them. Looking for Klein bottles, knots, or moebius strips, check here first!
Media Example Scene File
This example pov file shows how to use color list patterns (checker, brick, and hexagon) inside a media density statement.
Moray Objects
This site contains 5 excellent objects created in Moray. Includes a train engine, old Ford tractor, BiPlane, and others.
Mutant soccer balls
Raw list of 3958 solutions up to C58 (19 hexagons). Use to create polyhedral shapes.
Nathan O'Brien Inc. files
Columns and poolballs
NTMY's Digital Home
Some images, made with Povray 3.0. Mostly Starships and things of that kind . Also some textures.A texture-library can be downloaded and maybe also some starship-models.
Nicolas Andree Povray
Source for a couple of Julia set fractal objects.
Objects for POV-Ray
4 obj's 3 starwars 1 scifi
OuterArm POVRay Objects
Page has 5 POV-Ray objects. Newtons cradle, pencil, pencil holder w/pencils, coffee cup w/mat, and a flexible neck desk lamp.
Parametric POV-Ray Objects
A nice collection of parametric architectural 3d objects for POV-Ray.
Planetary Maps
Shareware POV-Ray objects Collection
PovPlace Objects
Site contains a section with POV-Ray objects and scene files for download.
Site contains some POV-Ray objects. Spanish and English discriptions.
POV-Ray - 3D Models
Has a few models modelled in Moray v2.5. Objects are in .mdl format and include pieces of fruit, a teddy bear, 2 stone laterns and others
POV-Ray Benchmarks and Objects
Site contains some benchmark result on various machines as well as offering a couple of objects created in POV-Ray and Moray. Models available in .pov and .mry formats.
POV-Ray Galerie
Ma galerie personel , des objets et des tutoriaux (This site offers a gallery, POV-Ray objects, and a tutorial on using POV-Ray). The page is in English and in Française
POV-Ray Furniture File
POV-Ray Images
Source files available for study by: Kurt Bangert and Carola Blaesing-Bangert Be sure to see the section with images and sample code for using media.
POV-Ray objects
A small quantity of POV-Ray objects. Most are for older versions of POV-Ray. There is one useful rounded box include file here worth looking at.
POV-Ray Objects
Site contains a very nice collection of objects in POV-Ray format. See the models section.
POV-Ray Objects Collection
Over 155 Excellent POV-Ray objects in one place You are invited to contribute to the collection.
POV RAY - Recursos en la Red
Lista de las principales direcciones de Internet relativas al POV Ray: Libros, tutoriales, objetos, texturas, plug-ins, FAQs, listas de correo, grupos de noticias, etc.
POV-Ray Scene File
With cliffs, helicopter and waterfall - source available
Make Snowflakes in POV-Ray
Create different random scenes with this file
Ray-Tracing Files
POV-Ray mixed collection
Raytraced Graphics Polar -E
Mathematical objects created in POV-Ray. Source available.
Ron Parker's Includes
GolfBall, Oil Lamp, Torus, poser2Pov converter
Rubik's Cube
Softy 3D models gallery
POV-Ray, 3D Studio and Lightwave free models.
Star Wars: The POV-Ray Collection
Source for a couple of POV-Ray stereograms
Space Shuttle
POV-Ray Model Project of the US Space Shuttle
sPatch and POV-Ray Objects Library
Library of free objects for sPatch (includes POV-Ray export files)
Steiner Surfaces
Advanced discussion on Steiner surfaces - POV-Ray source files available.
This file creates a reel of 1" broadcast video tape, oriented with the front face along -z and 9 units in diameter.
Teresa Willis human motion libraries
Tom Melly's POV-Ray Resources
Media fire, Media patterns, Hearts, Color Chart
Winton Films: Povray Object Page
There are some Povray objects to download and some videos in MPG format.

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