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PC Board Software

Written entirely in Assembler Language by Hardware Design Engineers (not utility programmers), CIRCAD boasts the highest run-time performance of any PCB CAD package on the market today. Schematics, netlists, circuit boards, and gerber plots are all at your fingertips awaiting your beck and call. For the more advanced users, CIRCAD even has a "reverse engineering" feature that enables you to start with a scanned image of a PCB and work backwards to the schematic.
Circuit Maker
This is a circuit board design software for the creation of schematics, board layout, and gerber data creation.
Electronics Workbench
The product portfolio consists of software for the design of electrical circuitry to be implemented on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and programmable logic devices (FPGAs/CPLDs) and includes: schematic capture, component database, SPICE simulation, FPGA/CPLD synthesis, design analysis, PCB layout, autorouting and more.
SPICE Simulation, Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design Tools, Magnetics Transformer Design Software, and Test Program Software
Schematic & PCB design software
Qcad 11.0 is a complete schematics and PCB design software running with Windows 95/98/NT operating system. It includes a state of the art autorouter, together with a post-routing optimizer. Depending on the features and capacity, Qcad is available at $49, $99, $199, and $299 US.


Analog Devices
Circuit Specialists, Inc.
DALBANI - electronics
Index of Electronic Manufacturers on the Web
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Electronic LED Signs
Photo laminate for home brew PC boards
Fiber Optics Supplies
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National Sem Parts Index
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J.P. Ruklic Screw Company
Screws, Bolts, Pins and Other Fasteners

Audio circuits
Battery operated switched mode PC powersupply
Use for powering your PC on a car battery
Britney Spears guide to Semiconuductor Physics: semiconductor physics, Edge Emitting Lasers and VCSELs
Cool Electronics-Related Links
Don's light, lamp and strobe site!
History of Electric Light
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The electronic industry's leading source of IC info - Electrical and Electronic Bulletin System
Japanese electonis site
This site contains a tremendous wealth in electronics projects.
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Learn Electronics
Interactive Multimedia Tutorials, dictionary, abbreviations
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Sensor Information GlblSpec
Product Areas
Surplus Sales of Nebraska Home Page
Technical Books: The Forrest Mims Circuit Scrapbook Volume II
The Giant Internet IC Masturbator
CD's Plyrs & CDROM Drvs

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