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3D Image and Texture Resources

Area Map Search Form
USGS Mapping Information
Center for Imaging Science
A Sensor Image Database
Charles Poynton - Color technology
Converter's Paradise
Graphic File Conversion programs
Default RGB colour space - sRGB
Draft and white paper on sRGB, the future web standard for images.
Diard Software - Universe Creator
Multimedia Software - Universe creates galaxy background images
Digital Space Art Competition
Graphics Touch
A full service Graphics Printing Source
The Graphics File Format Page
Italian sculpters links
Nuclear Weapons
The High Energy Weapons Archive - A Guide to Nuclear Weapons
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) FTP Home Site
PNG image format Home WWW Page
POV-Ray Interactive
POV-Ray Images enhanced with interactivity via's Thingmaker software software. An example of adding an interactive capability to your web site through the use of POV-Ray imagery.
Put your 3D images on photographic prints
This site is geared towards 'developing' digital images or photos. But what can be done is to submit your 3D rendered scene as a JPEG file and they will print it on photographic quality 4x6 prints. If you sign up soon, the first 100 4X6 prints are free.
Good info on stones/stone surfaces in general.

Image Resources

3-D Star Maps
Airplane images
Astronomical Data Center
Catalog of Star charts and all things star related
Castle Image Archive
Download Planet Earth
Site contains links to DEM (digital elevation maps) of the entire globe in various resolutions.
Fantasy Pictures
Fine Art - Paintings on the net - Pigeon
Graphic Images Directory
Handy Links to Graphic Images
Huge collection of Train images
Images of a Complete Deck of Tarot Cards
Images FTP Free
Many catagories including Raytracing
Image Link
Map of island in cooks inlet Alaska
Images with Raytraced Caustics
Rendered in the Miro Raytracing system
The Internet Ray Tracing Competition
The Internet Ray Tracing Competition is an open competition. Deadline for still image submission is every two months; for animations, every three months. Participants may use any 3D rendering program they choose. If you want to see the best there is in 3D rendering and raytracing this is the place to go.
Jims fine art collection
Excellent source of fine art images on the net
Jpeg Image Collection
Maps of the Solar System
Welcome to the solar system surface map database, a NASA/JPL/Caltech spyglass on the cosmos. Select your planetary system of choice and download maps, or browse the surface features of your favorite planet or satellite!
Martins 3D image and texture resources
Nebulae Page
Offers pictures of Nebula for background applications
Planetary Maps
Contains maps of many planets in the Solar System
Planetary Maps: The Earth
Photovault Stock Photos
Images of Pollen, Plant Pics, Photos, and Flowers. This is a very comprehensive photo data base and well worth the time exploring.
USGS TerraWeb
San Fransisco Bay DEM and Bathymetry images.
USGS us .DEM maps
Dem maps scaled at 1:1,000,000
Western United States Multi-Scale Map
Xglobe/Xplanet Maps
Each map set consists of a 200x100 "thumbnail" image, a 400x200 very low resolution image, a 800x400 "standard" resolution image, and a high resolution image of up to 1600x800 pixels. There are also super-hi-res images of up to 2400x1200 pixels. Most map sets avialable here are copyright free.

Texture Resources

Absolute Background Textures Archive
2800+ Free Tiling Background Textures
Absolute Cross
The One-Stop Spot for Free Online Graphics, Tips, Tools & Resources. Seemless tilable textures available.
Alien Texture Gallery
Several pages of textures
Background Textures Archive
Biomechanic Wallpaper Collection
Strange, Oddddd, Stuff here people
Désirée's Food Textures
A small collection of Food related textures. Go to the free section.
Doc Browns Background images/textures
Free Art Textures
Small collection but good
Graphtallica - Online Textures
Free textures mostly 256*256 in gif format. Quake style textures. 3.2 Mb zipped. Middle quality images ranging from modern to Gothic medeival.
Iain's Textures
From:3D Photorealism Toolkit
Marlin Studios
Professional CDs of seamless textures and lots of free samples.
Mega Grafx ® Textures Library
10 Pages full of texture resources
Moray Textures Library
Old POV-Ray and Textures
Pattern Land!
phillean wood textures
Planet Textures
Public Textures
Photographic images that may be used as 3D textures in your scenes. All high resolution. 350+ images.
Rob's Granite Page
Seamless Texture Tiles ll
Files are 256x256 32-bit jpg files.
Serious3D image maps
Serious 3D magazine
Serious 3D Mag. Excellent photo real textures
Strike a Pose Textures
Poser textures: Men, Women, Misc.
Textures, Bump Maps, and Materials
Commercial Images for Topo maps/HF's Samples only
Texture Maps Page
Free 43 very high quality textures jpg format, good ground cover and rock textures.
General Collection - some good
Good grey scale collection
Texture, Maps, Materials, Bumps (skin)
Free 125 - some good most poor quality
Free textures plus 3DS Max material libraries.
Free: Good assortment - nice collection of Grayscales - good for bumpmaps etc
Free - Over 200 VERY high quality useful textures. Run to this one people
Large Assortment of texture images
Small number but quality work
By: Laboratoriet - 116 photorealistic texture maps.
Human and Monster textures
University collection - Many stones and brick textures
A few high quality royalty free textures.
Textures Archive
A large collection of Textures catagorized for easy selection.
Textures FTP
Free - These are poorly identified but sampling showed nice surprises
Texture Gallery
A free collection of cool and original mapping textures
Texture Land
Abnormal Textures
Texture Land !
Normal Textures
Texture Library
Texture Library
Small quantity but some excellent keepers here
Texture Library II
Texture Library
POV-Ray v3.0-Textures
Texture Shoppe
Texture Station
Tiling backgrounds, textures, desktop wallpaper
Texture Studio
Free textures. Just give credit. 19.1 Mb zipped. Bmp mostly and some jpg + tutorial to make textures with photoshop. All high quality textures with some very interesting patterns.
FREE seamless textures, 2 new retail quality seamless textures everyday...

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