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3D Model Sites

Starship Modeler
A plastic modeling resource that has pictures and blueprints that can also be valuable to the 3d modeler. Categories include star trek and star wars as well as babylon 5, 2001 and 2010, space 1999, mecha, and real spacecraft. Don't miss it!
Starship Schematic Database
The best source for 5-view starship (blueprints for Star Trek and Star Wars. Soon to be added: Star Blazers (Yamato) and B5!
Thomas Models
Thomas Models, your source for truly authentic resin and vacu-form Trek type model kits. Authenticity and ease of assembly is our primary goal at Thomas Models. We hope that you will find our products of superior quality with special attention to detail and craftsmanship.

3DS Models

70+ free models 3ds, dxf, lwo many excellent objects
3D Majik
Small collection of free 3ds models most are pay for models
3D Models
6 Free - .3DS format - Book,Candles, Stero Cab, Hand ...
3d Models
Free .3ds StarWars, StarTrek, Babylon5 Very high quality
3D Models
15 Free .3ds Models Swords, misc Medium quality
3DS and COB Models
Football (.cob), Mech (.cob), Warrior bug (.3ds), Futurecar (.3ds)
3DS Models
Free - Sci-Fi - Babylon 5, Starwars, Star Trek High quality
Arkons Free Models
Free .3DS models. All seem to be high quality. Models include vehicles, people, plants/trees, and others.
Bryce 3DS Models - in German
Modelled in Bryce - contains models in the following categories - Humans, Houses, Plants, Animals -- vehicles -- spaceships, and misc. objects
Chemical Studios
Free mosty for Poser applications - Several Catagories
German Site
Human Models 25 obj. .3DS some posable
German Site
Plant/Flowers .3DS 8 Objs.
German Site
.3DS models 66 objs. Characters, Animals, Vehicles, Space Craft, Archetecture
German Site
Free .3DS objects Household/Misc. 55 Objs.
Night Crafts Lair
6 Free - 2 Sci-FI, 1 forklift, ...
3D Star Wars models 3ds and max formats
3DS Star Trek Ship Models Has oldest to newsest in very high quality
Free models - The series South Park mdls - Cow, Bus, Baby -.3DS
Tobor Jim's Sci-Fi 3D Models Page
Dr, Who, Star Trek, Terminator, many others...
Total Eclipse Productions
Free - star trek voyager otheres high quality
Vue d'
You can find 3DS objects, materials and atmospheres
.3DS SWS, STrek, Bab5 spaceship models. Hi quality



3D models Free - .COB format
Free Poser and Bryce downloads
RDS model page
Most have .cob equivs available as well.
Truespace Objects
Most have .cob equivs available as well.


2D/3D DWG/DXF files
C2 3D Models and Graphics.
Site offers a few high quality DXF model downloads including a modern Boing 747. A $25 membership is required to access the rest of the site but the sample area is freely accessable.
DXF Gallery
Several Basic shapes - 4 lens's, flat pieces dif angles, Rocket nozzle, etc
DXF Models
Small Selection But Quality items
DXF Models
Site has 12 good quality .dxf files of various objects
Evelio's Babylon 5 Page
Assortment of Babylon-5 spaceship models as images and as DXF and other 3-D formats
LoneWolf Design
Free - 5 trees, 2 bushs, 1 bonzia all high Quality .DXF's
Free Assorted in DXF format - see also page 2
Extensive but unknow content DXF archive
Steve Lareau's Free DXF Page
16 dxf Models all good quality
Virtuaali Mike
4 models dxf medium quality misc.


3D objects database - .IOB objects 449 Some high quality

Mixed Formats

max/3ds and now POV-Ray objects - mostly bathroom fixtures/furniture
3D models
Free, 6 high quality dxf, cob - Indigo Shade 3-D Modelling
3D Models
Free 30 objects - dxf, obj, 3dmf, wrl average to good quality
In LightWave 5.5 format - 2 windows, 1 door, beer bottle, and planet Jupiter.
Amature vrml stuff
Couple of good models
Free Mesh objects
10 Objs .dxf, .3ds,.cob different than most Good Qual. Chk it out
Hammer Visual Engineering
VRML Samples
Sample 3d Models for cad presents - no convertable formats
Mega Graphics
Free 3D Models - dxf, vrml, 3dmf 30 models available
Tap Root
23 Objects .dxf ,cob ? misc,
Vrml models created by students Many objects
TrueSpace 3 Objects
Titanic/military/Vehicles .cob format
VRML Repository
Libraries of VRML Objects
Zig Zag's S3D Models
Simply 3D models. Has approximately 8 models for download

Large / Mixed Collections

2001: A Space Odyssey - 3D Modeling Archive
Site contains models from the movie 2001. The models are available in mixed format though mainly in 3D Studio .MAX.
3Dimensional Models
3D Models in Moray .MDL format
3D Expresso
Object Links
3D Links
2 Robot models/images sites Dr. Who Stuff
3d links
Site contains many links to 3D resources many of which are 3D model sites.
3D Machines
Free 3d Models - Moray MDL format
3D - Models
A few different formats odds/ends
3D Models 3DS/LWO
12 models including a Windmill, BBQ, Swing Set, Banjo, Drum Set, Pot Bellied Stove, Antique Wall Phone, and others...
3D Models Links
Two pages of links to free 3D Model sites.
3D Model Links page
Has Several Listings or free models
3D Photorealism Toolkit
Handtools, Electronics, Odds, Ends-3ds format
3D polyhedra
Extensive list of 3D polyhedra in .raw format. Will require conversion before use in most software packages.
3DSite: Model Market
3DSpot Models
3D Studio Model Shop
46 Free Pre-Texture Models And More Added All The Time! Also free textures available for download.
New ftp Model Trading Site - Commercial
3D Swap Shop
Post/Reply message board for 3D Models If you need it ask for it. If you have it give it to someone else
Amazing 3D graphics, Inc
Many Free 3D Models
Andere Meshes
3ds models. Perhaps 100 models available ranging in quality from fair to very good. Many different categories including, anatomy, vehicles, military, aircraft, and others.
Art Recon Inc.
Commercial Greek Roman Archetecture
A Space Library
Several Space Craft models in various formats including DXF.
Auto Model Collection
Max/3DS Excellent High Quality w/many models
Avalon 3D models
Avalon FTP for Models
Bat's Cave
Bryce native format 3D models
Bryce Above and Beyond
3D models Most Space ships
Bryce Cows!
Offers a model of a cow plus a very interesting gallery of user submitted cow images.
Coyne Studios
Home of the Free Model Meshes Ring.
Search 3D Models - Free/Pay - Must register to download
+/- 12 models - 3-5 formats - 25%,50%,90% model quality versions of each
Dedicated Digital
Free models in several formats
De Espona 3D Enclopedia
Commercial 3D Models - us $500 - 1 CD
Free models - limited but quality items
Digital asteroid models
Digital models (wavefront and POV-Ray formats) of real asteroids derived from radar images.
Dreams and Magic
3D Meshes 1 Small selection
Electric Image Model Repository
Site is temprorarily down
Electric Image Page
3D Resources / models
Free models 12 catagories dif formats - Maybe 45+ total
Forward Design
3D Objects 60+ models .dxf, iob, .3ds, .cob, .pxl (pixel 3d), Mics. Objs
Free 3d Models for Poser use
Great Buildings Online
Free 3D Models of Great Buildings - 3DMF file format
Great Escape Studios
StarTrek and Mech mesh models. High quality. Various formats available.
GreyLight : Poser
Clothing 11 mdls -mixed 3ds
GreyLight : Poser
Hair 17 mdls Female hair 3ds
GreyLight : Poser
Headgear - hats 19 .3ds
GreyLight : Poser
Weapons 27 mdls mixed history 3ds dxf
Jan Fischer's homepage
Page about different 3-D programs ( Pov-Ray, Cinema 4D, Terragen and SPatch) and role-playing systems like Battletech. Some models can be downloaded for free.
Jim's 3D Model Links
Jim's Sci-Fi 3D Models Page
LAVA- Archetectural Models
LBL ITG Whole Frog Project - MRI Data Sets
Near bottom of pate you will find ftp-links to MRI scanned data sets of a tomato, an orange, a pumpkin, a frog, and a rat.
Lightwave Models
Site contains LWO models - cars, Delorean, hovercraft, marine, hummer, railroad, space, watership and others
Little 3D-Studio
80+ models from low poloygon count fill items to high quality models. Many different categories to choose from ranging from small household items to models of people.
LWO Objects
Free 4 obj's Soccer ball, coffee cup, Antique Steam train engine, Book
19 .3ds objects - 17 houshold 2 space
Site contains quality 3DS Max and Rhino Models.
Ming 3D Toons Shop
Model Dock -
2 doz models so-so items
Model Index
3ds models beards, animal horns
Models Free S3D format
Moray Objects Collection
National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project
Human full scan MRI and CT scan data sets.
Lightwave Objects FTP super collection
Meshes, models: .dxf .3ds .max , sculpture
Poser Forum Online
Poser Horse Poses
About a dozen different horse poses for use in Poser or Bryce and perhaps other applications.
Poser Models
Poses, Textures, Morphs - All natural
Poser Props Guild
Contains all things related to Poser including models, morphs, and poses.'s huge 3D Model Library
A daily expanding database of 3D models in the Quick 3D model format.
Offer low cost 3d models for Poser and custom modeling. A Free model is offered on a monthly basis for download.
Scorpion Software  -  3D Models
Singularity Models by Sparky
Mostly Space/Futuristic HIGH quality
Space Shuttle models
Stanford 3D Scanning Repository
The models available are in a text based .ply format and will need to be converted for use on your platform. There are 4 models available - Happy Buda, a rabbit, a drill bit, and a detailed chinese dragon.
Star Wars
Mesh Objs. Also has SW's Blue Prints
Star Wars
The POV-Ray Collection
Star Wars: The 3D Modelling Alliance
Model freebies
SWMA Archives
Star Wars 3DS objects collection
Trading Post
Free models various formats - most.COB
24 misc. DXF files free
Trolley Bus Streetcar 3d models
Several formats available
The Virtual Characters Archives Network! A great source of Human/Creature 3D models in various 3D file formats. Site also contains tutorials, textures, and other 3D related resources for the computer graphics artist.
ViewPoint Data Labs 3D Models
Wartoys 3D Models
Zig Zag's S3D Studio
Has eleven Models available in .s3d, ,dxf, .3ds, and .cob 3D file formats. Items range from good to high quality with items like a aircompressor, window/ doors, swimming pool, park bench, and others of interest.

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