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3D Programs

Chemical/Molecular Modelling Programs

Molecular modeling and visualization software bundled with protein sequence editor. Supports POV format output.
Biomolecular Modelling Home Page
Chime - PDB plugins
Chime allows you to view PDB (protein data base ) files from within your browser. Versions available for both the Windows and Mac platforms
DINO: Visualizing Structural Biology
DINO uses OpenGL for realtime visualization of biological structures, surfaces, scalar fields and topographs. POV-Ray output is supported
A web based Dynamical systems laboratory where the scenes were built with Povray.
Convert Mol/BobScript output to POV-Ray and Raster3D format
MacroModel Program
The MacroModel® program suite from Schrödinger, Inc. allows the graphical construction of complex chemical structures and the application of molecular mechanics and dynamics techniques in vacuo or in solution.
mm2pov is a program which converts a MacroModel data file into a Persistence of Vision blob object. This allows you to ray-trace some really pretty pictures of your favourite molecules...
Molecule file conversion and manipulation program, has POV-Ray support
MOLecule analysis and MOLecule display
Molecular POV-Ray modelling program
The Molray molecular graphics web interface
Molray is a web interface to POV-Ray for producing high-quality molecular - graphics images from O plot files and other sources.
ORTEP-3 for Windows
ORTEP-3 for Windows is chemical structure drawing tool with POV-Ray and Raster3D support. Reads SHELX, CIF, Sybyl MOL, XYZ, PDB and other file formats.
Ppovit is a small Perl program that reads 3D molecular structure coordinates in Protein Data Bank (PDB) format and generates a scene description script that can be used as input for the Persistence Of Vision (POV) ray-tracer to create high quality images of macromolecular models.
Molecular visualization program - POV-Ray support
Sparkle model for the quantum chemical MOPAC calculation of metal complexes
Sparkle model for the quantum chemical MOPAC7 and MOPAC93r2 calculation of metals compounds. Not so much a modeller as it is a modelling information resource.
Editor for chemical structures (automatic generation of 3D coords) and Interfaces to several programs (e.g. qc-Programs, POV-Ray)
Swiss-Protien data base Viewer
Has POV-Ray support
Tessel v 2.0
Tesselation and molecular modelling POV-Ray compatible
Visual Molecular Dynamics
Chemistry Modelling with POV-Ray support

Commercial 3D Programs

3D Canvas
3D Canvas is a freeware real-time 3D modeling and animation tool that incorporates an intuitive drag-and-drop approach to 3D modeling.
3D Construction - Innovations in Image Based Modeling
3d Builder Pro - builds 3d models from photographs
3D Studio Home Page
If your imagination has gone beyond what your 3D animation software can do, then you are at the right place
3D Studio VIZ® Release 3
Combining the best of interoperability with the new generation of Autodesk design tools based on AutoCAD 2000,with the technology of Discreet's new generation of 3D technology, Autodesk unveils a whole new approach to advanced and flexible design visualization with the launch of 3D Studio VIZ R3.
4DVISION Online!
Sculptor - interactive NURBS modeller
Active Dimensions
A $25 boolean modeler with inverse kinematics. Exports WaveFront obj files.
Alias Wavefront
Maya 1.0
Artifice DesignWorkshop
Intuitive 3D modeling, rendering and real - time walkthrough software for Windows and Macintosh.
Ashlar Home
Vellum 3D - transforms 2D and 3D wireframe data into surface data
Asymetrix Learning Systems Inc.
Auto Des Sys
Form Z 3d modeller
Autodesk - Design Software Product Section
Makers of AutoCad, 3D Studio Max, and Character Studio. This is their product description page.
Software for ship hull design
Bryce 4 by:MetaCreations
Bryce 4 is dedicated to designing, rendering and animating breathtaking natural 3D worlds and abstract 3D sculptures. Bryce is a perfect application for both beginners and advanced users because it is extremely easy to use and it comes loaded with libraries of presets to use in your own work.
Caligari Creator of trueSpace
Character Studio
Discover a better way to meet the requirements of your large-scale character animation projects and to break through creative barriers. This Web site offers product information and technical specifications about this breakthrough second release.
Compo Software
Neon Graphix 3D
Crystal Graphics
3D graphics and 3D animation software for your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, web pages, videos and banner ads! Try our free demos of PowerPlugs and Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro.
Geometra is a program which can extract 3-D textured models from multiple 2D views of a object or scene. Also it can be used for obtaining measurements. The program is both easy to use and effective.
A commercial modelling, animation, and rendering system.
Hash, Inc.
Hash Animation Master: patch-based modeler and character animation program.
Impulse Inc.
Organica and Imagine 1.0 modeling packages
InnovMetric Software - Home
Modeling suite for transforming 3d digitizer data into color models
Kinetix Home Page
Discreet Logic Inc. Formerly Kinetix
LambSoft Product Information
Lambsoft Pro Motion - fuses motion capture data with keyframe animation
Maxon Computer
Cinema 4D XL - full modeling and animation package with NURBS
MCnurbs Creator 2.0
MCnurbs Creator 2.0 is a series of tools for creating smooth looking free form 3D surfaces in Diehl Graphsoft's VectorWorks 8 and MiniCad 7. It can for example be used for creating terrain models, tents, hypars, complex roofs and walls, furniture, mechanical components, industrial design, etc. For Mac and Windows.
MetaCreations | Home
Metacreations makers of Ray Dream Studio, Poser 3, and Infini-D
MultiGen-Paradigm Home Page
Real time 3d modeling applications
NewTek - Lightwave
One of the more respected high end 3D modelling programs on the market
Nova Design, Inc.
Aladdin 4D 5.0 - Nice mod-end rendering package
PhotoModeler Home
EOS Systems Photomodeler Pro 3.0 - creates models from photos
Play Incorporated
Play Inc. Electric Image - Professional 3d design and animation package
Raindrop Geomagic, Inc.
Creators of Decimator and Wrap 3D Modeling Tools
Robert McNeel & Associates
Rhino - NURBS modeling tool
Silicon Graphics web site
Side Effects Software
Side Effects Software Houdini 2.5 high end animation and visual effects solution
Silicon Dream Ltd - Genesis 3D editor
Genesis is a fully functional, realtime 3D editor for windows. It has many unique features not found on other editors and is very intuitive to use. 3D objects can be loaded, edited, viewed and saved again to disk while enjoying the luxury of realtime rendering. It also has a very powerful programming toolkit for those who like to get their feet wet. The toolkit allows 3D applications or plug-in tools for the editor to be written.
Softimage Inc.
Softimage - Very highend animation/visual effects software
Solid Thinking
Full NURBS-based 3D modeling and rendering environment with Construction Tree. Support of all industry standard rendering techniques (scan-line, raytracing, radiosity).
Strata inc.
Makers of Strata StudioPro
Techimage Ltd.
Artiface - application for precision mapping of actor's expressions
Template Graphics Software
Amapi 3D - superb modeling tool
Touch3D is program for 3D modeling and unfolding / unwrapping 3D models into flat 2D patterns. It can for example be used for concept design, industrial design, quick prototyping, mock-ups, scale models, marine design, physical renderings, production preparation, etc. For the Mac platform

Conversion Utilities

Convert .DEM to TGA for Terrain Visualization and Flyby Animation
3D Exploration - 3D viewer
3D Exploration is easy-to-use viewer for Windows 95, 98 and NT with Explorer-like interface and Open GL hardware accelerator support. It allows you to browse many popular 3D file formats - 3D Studio, LightWave, Caligari, Direct X, AutoCAD and many other, plus common 2D file types. $30 shareware
3DS2POV V1.80
3DS2POV V1.80 - This free program can convert your binary 3D Studio 3DS file in POV 1.0, POV 2.0 including basic material parameters (color, ambient, diffuse, reflection, transparency) and smoothing. It also supports the output of RAW (useful for POVLAB), Vivid and Polyray. Supports animation ! By Steve Anger
3DWin HomePage
Likely the most versitle shareware 3D conversion utility that you will find anywhere. It is actively maintained and developed and has support for most major 3D file formats. It also include direct support for POV-Ray and Moray plus the author has plug-ins available for Moray for direct import capabilitites.
Artlandia 1.5
Extends the powerful Mathematica language and lets you write simple programs that produce ornaments, patterns and designs for industrial applications or your mathematical recreations.
AutoCAD2POV 3.0a. This is a *much* more solid package than Version 1. It is almost a total rewrite, with tons of improvements, and many objects added (converts AutoCAD colors). Win95+.
Blender Python Conversion Scripts
Python scripts for converting Blender models to other formats including POV-Ray.
BMP2PPM - Converter from 24-BMP to PPM format
Converter from 24-bit Bitmap (BMP) format to Portable Pixmap (PPM) format - console Win32 application, gives to you ability use MPEG I & MPEG II coders, not able to use BMP. Although it may be useful for unixoid's, uses Windows and DirectX programmers.
Cross Roads 3D
Another free POV-Ray compatible 3D conversion program. It offers support for multiple 3D file formats and can export directly to POV-Ray's file format. Another utility called wcvt2pov is also available at this site.
dxf2rad - Convert Geometry from DXF to RADIANCE
Dxf2rad is a command line utility for translating geometry data from the DXF file format into the format understood by the RADIANCE lighting simulation package. Dxf2rad shares a lot of code with Radout, an Autocad extension to export geometry directly from within a drawing. It was written to support the architectural lighting design software package Rayfront, which offers complete control over all parameters of RADIANCE simulations.
DXF converter - dxfPR
This is a DXF 2 Pov conversion utility. The application was developed in JAVA. While it has only been confirmed to run on a Macintosh platform it should also run on other JAVA capable platforms as well.
EPS2POV is an Hypercard stack (need Hypercard Player) for Macintosh users that allow you to use eps files to create POV-Ray objects like prisms, lathes, sors or polygons
GLView v4.0
GLView is a standalone VRML 1.0/2.0 Browser and 3D File Viewer for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95/98.
File conversion utility will convert INFINI-D file to POV-Ray file
Inventor 2.0 / VRML 1.0 Converters
convert between LDraw L3P files to POV-Ray v3.1 object files
This tool can convert Lego bricks (LDraw-Object Files (*.dat)) into Lightwave Objects (*.lwo) and Lightwave Scenes (*.lws) and many more.
Lillysoft 8
A program that runs under both Windows and Mac to convert RIB to POV files.
Maple2Pov converter Style-Povdis
Ray Tracing and Graphics Extensions > Mathmatica2Pov conversion
mm2pov is a program which converts a MacroModel data file into a Persistence of Vision blob object. This allows you to ray-trace some really pretty pictures of your favourite molecules...
Converts RAW2POV using a windows type interface. Adjustable smoothing angles, preview window, and rotation abilities. Also will export to either .pov or .inc file.
Converts WaveFront OBJ files to POV-Ray mesh source code. Works with the UV-mapping patched version of POV.
OBJuvPOV - Poser4 .OBJ to POV-Ray converter (early beta). This program offers conversion from .obj to .pov files and allows for maintaining texture coordinates through use of UV mapping. This feature requires Nathan Kopp's UVPov patched version of POV-Ray.
OpenDWG Alliance/Guest Files
AutoCad DWG Conversion and other tools and resources.
Accurate, High Quality 3D Model Translation Software
Pov2Rad v0.3
This program converts some subsets of POV-Ray .pov files into a format that Radience can use. See page for details.
POVRAY.m is a Mathematica program (available as source text) that converts Mathematica 3D graphics objects to POV-Ray input.
DOS command-line utility with source for converting the OBJ mesh and MTL texture files exported by Poser 3 and 4 to POV-Ray format, with complete texturing. Has options for exporting UV texture-mapping info to UV-POV or the SuperPatch.
Autocad to RADIANCE geometry export tool Radout is now avaliable in version 3.9.7 for Autocad 2000.
Rhino to Hash Animation Master Converter
Rhino and AM can now be used together,see web site for details.
A pearl script for converting RIB renderman files to POV-Ray files.
SCALE Calculator
Scale calc is a Free ware calculator intended to be used by Kit Builders. It provide calculations to the most used scales as well as ft to meters and meters to ft conversions. 3D enthusiasts might find it useful for making accurate scaled down versions of real objects.
Spin Doctor
This is a calculator that operates on 3D vectors and rotations, making it an invaluable tool for 3D content and application developers. A wide variety of operations are provided, from simple vector addition, to scaling, rotation, and calculation of angles and lengths.
SLP2POV -A utility to onvert Pro/ENGINEER render (.slp) files to POV-Ray format (.inc)
STL2POV v2.0
STL2POV.EXE, an utility to convert STL files (Stereo-Lithographic, exported by some 3D-CAD-programs) to a pov-file. The pov-file is ready to render with camera and light source.
ThreeDS is a Python module for loading and displaying 3D models in the 3DStudio Max 3DS format. It comes with view3DS, a simple model viewer written in Python.
A VRML to POV-Ray conversion program
VRML Converters
A Raster to Vector conversion tool. Freeware.

Fonts and Font Utilities

3D Logo Generator
This is a nifty little site. You can input your text, and Pov-Ray will render it for you while online !
Electric Rain, Inc
3D Products Such As Font FX & Font FX Express. Make Animated 3D GIF and AVI Movies for the Web.
3D extruded Text from TTF fonts.Output to POV-Ray and .dxf
Gcode95, TTFtoDXF
TTFtoDXF a utility to convert from a single character to a paragraph of text in any True Type font, to a Dxf file which can then be manipulated in Gcode or Autocad. Handy for sign making or engraving.
Macromedia Fontographer - Converts ttf fonts mac <-->PC
SoftText for POV-Ray
TTConverter 1.5
TTConverter converts Windows truetype fonts to Mac and vice versa. It’s the other way around that you’ll find useful in POV: you need to convert your Truetype fonts to text format before POV can use them.
Unicode 2.1 Charts
This page contains charts of unicode characters.
USS Matrix files--Utilities
This program will convert TTF files back and forth between windows and mac formats
Font software for 3D web graphics


We have over 900 cool free fonts to choose from. All of the fonts are shown in color previews with the font name and the font's file size. The fonts were taken from all different sources. All of the fonts are saved as .zip files.
-=1001=- Free Fonts
Abstract Original Free Fonts ding bats font art free fontz for download this page is updated every 3-4 days+database (archive )
1001 Free Fonts
Download Free Fonts and Dingbats. Huge Collection of Freeware and Shareware Fonts und Schriftarten.
|| bionic type ||
Bionic Type - free fonts made for fun.
Fonts designed by Chank Diesel and Charles Anderson with downloadable fee fonts every week.
Chez Susan
Free fonts for download
dincTYPE - unique fonts for Macintosh and PC. Including some free fonts.
Showcasing the best, most original variety of freeware and shareware fonts on the web. A great source for fonts, dingbats, related information and links.
Font Fairy Free Fonts
Welcome to the Font Fairy site, home of guilt-free typographic treasures! These are not just any fonts, mind you, but high quality commercial ones. In the real world they would set you back over a thousand dollars if you were to buy them all but here they are free.
Font Freak
Free true type fonts and dingbats for both PC and Mac
Hundreds of free fonts to download. Growing to be the largest free fonts site on the web.
Fonts Resource Links
About 24 links to sites that offer free TTF Fonts.
The FontSite
FontSite - a monthly magazine dedicated to typography and design, offering free fonts, fonts for sale, feature articles and an extensive book listing on typography and design.
Free Font downloads
TrueType core fonts for the Web from MicroSoft
Free fonts at fontastic!
Surely not a cure from font addiction, but this is your one-stop archive to hundreds of pc fonts. Choose from many categories; all fonts pictured; unique designs.
Free Themes
Access free desktop themes, free screensavers, free icons, free cursors and free fonts
High-Logic's Font Creator
Create, design, edit and modify True Type Font Files. Shareware $35.
Into Orbit with TwoMoon
Site contains some nifty type faced fonts. Many may be downloaded for free.
Kung-Fu Fonts - Back In Action.
Free fonts designed by Superfunk. Cool fonts for cool peeps.
Parallax - instrumental prog-rock meets techno/metal. Art, puzzles, free fonts!
Patricia Lillie
Patricia Lillie type designer, illustrator, and picture book author. Includes free fonts and home page art for downloading.
Phil's Fonts
Phil's Fonts, Inc. - type and graphic software resource, featuring font showings, contests, free fonts, web specials, type and graphic links, and more.
Robotic Attack Fonts
Robotic Attack Fonts - Free Fonts Robotic Attack Fonts. Download free fonts handcrafted by real robots. Available in both Windows and Mac format
Free Fonts
Roxanne's free Graphics
Free graphics, fonts, and Photoshop tutorials.
Sassy Fonts
Over 100 free fonts to download.
Original free TTF fonts
USS Matrix files--Fonts
A full set of Star Trek Fonts
Windows fonts for Macintosh
z x 2 6
ZeroXenon26 - behind the futuristic control panel you'll find free fonts in English and Japanese.

Height Field Modelling Programs and Utilities

Convert .DEM to TGA for Terrain Visualization and Flyby Animation
Terrain Visualization and Flyby animation
It is used to convert a text matrix of numbers into a 16-bit TGA heightfield.
HF generation with VRML, DXF output
Doug Fortune's Digital Elevation of the World
EarthScape Heightfield Editor
A simple but powerful utility for editing .tga files used with POV-Ray(tm) heightfields. For use on Windows95/98 systems.
Fractal World Explorer
nbos software's fractal 3d relief map generator for windows.
Genesis Toolkit
Texture kit for Height Fields
HeightField Lab
HeightField Lab is a powerful utility for making striking greyscale images for use a POV HeightField. Erosion, hills, layering, FFT, and more.
Based on John Beale's Hf-Lab, HLA creates 'fractal forgery' landscape/skyscape/map height fields (Reference: The Science of Fractal Images, Peitgen, Saupe eds.) mainly for use with PovRay ray tracing software. Outputs TGA, GIF, POT, MAT, PGM, and OCT formats.
HLA, a height field generator for DOS
Based on/around John Beale's Hf-Lab, HLA creates 'fractal forgery' landscape / skyscape/map "height fields" (Reference: The Science of Fractal Images, Peitgen, Saupe eds.) mainly for use with POV-Ray ray tracing software. Outputs TGA, GIF, PNG, POT, MAT, PGM, and OCT formats.
John Beale
Height Fields Gforge and HF Lab programs
John Beale
Height Field utilities page
KLevel Heightfield Tool
KLevel is a interactive tool for working on heightfields (terrain). It supports objects, colormapping, textures, multiple tools, etc.
Lake Applet
Landscape & Tree
Height Fields & Terrain modeler links
Landscape-Maker v2.1
Image to HF software output to .COB file format by:RYU Software
Landscape Visualization by Geomantics
We specialize in the development and use of landscape visualization and geographical software, with particular emphasis on its application in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Mapping, Geography, Geology, Multimedia, 3D simulation, Professional Graphics, Education and Outdoor pursuits.
Comprehensive and Very Capable Height Field Modelling Environment. Comes highly recommended.
MacDEM, by Jerry Farm, is an application for working with USGS DEM files and can convert them into POV-Ray format. MacDEM reads 1:250K and 7.5 minute DEMS in ASCII and SDTS format, and can also merge DEM files together.
MacDEM2POV 1.2
DEM files (topographic data files) can be converted to POV-Ray with this simple Mac utility, supplied by Russell Towle: MacDEM2POV 1.2, converts 7.5 minute U.S.G.S. quadrangles to 24-bit Targa files, for use in the POV-Ray height_field function. It is a quick Mac port of a UNIX/DOS utility and is under active development. This is a direct download only - no site available.
Mapper is a visualization tool written to work with GIS data found on the internet. It can combine data from different sources and in varying formats to a single view. It is not an image processing tool but rather builds a 3dimensional model of the earth.
Displays and merges digital elevation models and satellite imagery
Morfit Terrain Builder
Using Morfit Terrain builder, you can easily convert any standard two-dimensional topographical map into an interactive 3-D world. Consequently, the user can fly around and explore this newly created terrain. Supports .RAW file exports.
USGS's Mini Image Processing System (MIPS)
The United States Geological Survey's Mini Image Processing system is a fully functional digital image processing software package complete with online documentation. MIPS has been ported for the Digital UNIX and Open VMS operating systems on the DEC Alpha platform. Because it was developed by the USGS it is in the public domain and therefore available free of charge.
Pavan Virtual Reality
Kit for Map Info GIS and VR Panoramas
A quick Little Height Field Editing Utility for POV-Ray, It Includes INC file creation for "Trees" that you can have on your heightfields. Only 160k zipped, it includes C source, it is freeware.
SMOOTH takes a 16-bit TGA heightfield and stretches it by an integer factor. Missing pixels are interpolated by bicubic interpolation to make it look very smooth.
Terraform Home Page
Terraform is an open source interactive height field generation and manipulation program, giving you the ability to generate random terrain and transform it. Terraform runs under Linux and other UNIX systems under the X11 Windowing system. It uses the Gtk+ widget set and thus has a (more or less) consistent graphical user interface which doesn't require use of the command line.
Terragen is a scenery generator being developed for Windows 95, 98 and NT. At this stage of its development, Terragen is free for personal non-commercial use.
Terrain Forge
Terrain Forge Height Field Modeling Program
TerrainMan v2.01
Mac Height Field editor with .pict support
Converts USGS STDS geographical data files to .dem data files
STDS geographical data file conversion program -Outputs to .TGA for height fields
Terrain Maker Home Page
Landscape generator/editor for gif heightfields used by POV. It has a midpoint algorythm fractal landscape generator and a suite of tools for editing landscapes. Includes a colormap editor. Shareware- five bucks.
TruFlite's 3D
Terrain and Visualzation Software
USGS DEM to TGA converter
dem2tga is a small program written in C that will take USGS 1:250,000 scale Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data and create a TGA (Targa Image) file from it, which is viewable from most graphics viewers and applications.
Multi demensional data set viewer similar to that used in weather forecasting
VisAD Home Page
VisAD provides access to data from GVAR and GOES (U.S.), GMS (Japanese) and Meteosat (European) weather satellites. This links VisAD's CoordinateSystem mechanism with McIDAS satellite navigation to geolocate the images so that they can be overlaid with data from numerical models and other sources
Converts .DEM elevat Maps to 8/16 bit Images for Height Field Work
It allows an individual to play with terrain data (height fields). It can import data from and export data to many popular file formats. In addition, it allows the data to be modified wth a number of image processing operations as well as height field painting tools.


L-Systems win 95 editor/creator
L-systems Software Resources list
L-System v4.01
This file contains a Win 95/98/NT freeware program which generates 3D models in .DXF file format that you import into and use with 3D programs such as Bryce 2, 3D, 4, Truespace, Ray Dream, or any program which recognizes .DXF file formats.
RayTraced Evolution

Mesh Utilities

Elcovision 10
Generate highly accurate 3D models from photographs. ELCOVISION 10 is the most accurate and easiest to use close range photogrammetry software on the market.
Fair Surface Design
This is an uncompiled mesh smoothing program. See site for details.
Geometra is a program which can extract 3-D textured models from multiple views of an object or scene. Also it can be used for obtaining measurements. The program is both easy to use and effective. Geometra currently runs on Windows 95/98/NT. Exports to vrml, dxf, and obj file formats.
3D Surfaces (DXF) Height fields ?
Mesh Generation: Software
This is a list of public domain and commercial mesh generation programs with some details of thier abilities.
MilkShape 3D 1.1.0
Shareware mesh modeller that exports to POV-Ray.
Photo Modeller Lite
Free 2d to 3d Modelling program
Povray Object Processing Perl Library
This simple library of perl modules giving objects to represent points, vectors and larger objects. At the moment it only understands triangles and it's main use is to smooth a mesh of triangles. It also allows for some mesh deformation. Requires you to have PERL installed to run.
ProgMesh - ZDNet Download
ProgMesh is a 3D polygon mesh simplification program which enables you to reduce the number of polygons in your objects without a visible loss of quality. Input format supported is .3ds. Program runs under Windows 95/98. Freeware !
ProgMesh - Home Page
ProgMesh is a 3D polygon mesh simplification program which enables you to reduce the number of polygons in your objects without a visible loss of quality. Input format supported is .3ds. Program runs under Windows 95/98. Freeware !
Real Modeller
2D-3D converter
sMesh home page
Be sure to check out the utilities on this page
Steve's Object Builder
Steve's Object Builder is a free script based tool that can be used to make 3D objects for ray tracing programs such as POV-Ray. The tool uses Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) as its script language interpreter.
Triangles, a triangle mesh making utility
Triangles is a free DOS program for constructing triangle meshes, especially for POV-Ray (Output to RAW, POV mesh, and PCM1)
Verteks is a basic 3D modeler that can be used to create wire-frame objects. Verteks' modeling tools let you create, rotate, enlarge, extrude, and connect objects. Graphic primitives provided include cubes, cones, cylinders, circles, and boxes. Your 3D objects can be saved as a .VER file for use within raytracing programs such as Povray and Moray or other 3D graphics applications. Freeware !
WannaBe is a Texturemapping Polygon (trimesh) editor for the Macintosh PPC. It reads and writes dmmf, 3DMF, and TMDL.

Misc. POV-Ray Utilities

df3Maker & df3Viewer
A little program for windows that will convert comma delimited ASCII files into POV-Ray .df3 files. Also available is a simple .df3 viewer which lets you view xy layers of a .df3 file.
Cloth Simulator
This is the documentation for a small program written to simulate the behaviour of a piece of cloth draped over various shapes with direct support for POV-Ray.
D-form Home Page
Deformation tool for POV-Ray MAC Only
Domenator Homepage
This is the homepage for Philippe Gibone's Domenator for POV and Moray. With a large number base designs, slope options, and window styles, the Domenator can create thousands of different domes for your POV scenes. Site contains plug-ins for Moray v3.1 and v3.2 plus a stand alone application for exporting scenes directly into POV-Ray syntax.
Convert Electronics gerber net lists to POV-Ray for rendering
Clothes modeller with POV-Ray support
The FORM program is a FREE program that allows you to create "FORMS" for display on your monitor or for rendering by the POV raytracer. A form is a three dimensional object built up from a simple set of primitives and some simple operations performed on them.
Fractal Explorer
Fractal Explorer is a freeware program to generate fractal images and animations.
Fractals - tierazon
Gordian Knots
This program will allow you to create complex "Gordian" knot structures in a highly customizable way. You may then export your design into a format the POV-Ray can use and render it in 3D. Currently it is only available for the Linux platform but a Win32 port is in the planning stages.
I_Cubix v1.0 - Andrea Cristofori
Cubix for POV-Ray makes a cubed shaped object comprised of smaller box shaped objects. This small program allows you to specify random rotations for the elements of the larger cube and has random functions for adding non uniformity to it's properties. (See the page for illustrations)
I_Blobs v.1.0 - Andrea Cristofori
The Blobs program v.1.0 for POV-Ray allows you to generate a semispherical shell, of which the dimensions may be adjusted, constructed of a number of blob components and you may decide the minimum and maximum scale. All the values for color, reflection, refraction, position and scale of the blob (within the inserted values), etc, will be determined randomly by the program. (See the page for illustrations)
I_Tori v.1.0 - Andrea Cristofori
A small Pov-Ray program that allows you to create one series of torus connected together. You may choose the number of subdivisions for every torus, the number of recursions, the starting radius of the initial torus and the scale factor for the successive tori. (See the page for illustrations)
Lego Model Generator For Pov-Ray
Egelie's: MacMingle Application
MacMingle is a utility that does nothing more than putting two pictures together in one 3D density file in the new POV-Ray 3.1 DF3 file format. The available executable is for MAC's only but the source is available for the adventuorous
A collection of Public Domain(!) programs that auto-generate complex raytracer scenes, useful for benchmarking raytracers on different computers, or against other ray tracers. Can output to POV-Ray, RTrace, DXF, QuickDraw3D/3DMF, VRML2, NFF, Wavefront OBJ, Raw, Renderman RIB, etc.
Motion Blur
A utility that averages images to create motion blur effects in POV-Ray images By: Warp
Petibonum is just a simplistic Java2 GUI front-end to P. Houston's Blobman. It will not replace Poser, but it might save some time if you have blob people to pose.
By: - Kurtz-Fernhout Software
Hermite Curve Generator Program for POV-Ray
POVPan Homepage
POVPan is a FREE package designed in order to easily create and display 3D panoramas for static and dynamic scenes written with the Persistence Of Vision Raytracer.
POVshape will create a torus definition with specified radii which you can copy into your scene files, and will create a couple of other POV shapes that you might find useful.
POV-Ray Utilities Archive
This page is an archive of POV-Ray utilites. It contains many of the old favorites from the POV-Ray v1.0 and v2.2 days. All of the utilities here were available on the Official POV-Ray CD.
POV-Ray Utilities 2.1
The ancient POV-Utilities 2.1 utility has been made available here, in case you want to make shells, coils, Connect-The-Dots, Lissajous, Swoop, or convert RAW, DXF, or POV-Ray 1.0 files to POV-Ray 2.0 files. Note that there is a bug in the DXF conversion utility, and it tends to drop some triangle facets. This is a direct download only and is for the Macintosh platform.
Poview will allow you to view POV-Ray objects, textures, and pigments.
RC Sim: A rollercoaster track construction program for POV. Japanese site but the Windows GUI is in English.
by Steven Pigeon. Win 95. Also available is a version for unix, and Power PC. This small progam generates rocks composed of triangles and has features for controlling the amount of smoothing.
Rocktools Homepage
Rocktools will eventually be a collection of various Unix tools with which to create and manipulate open or closed triangular meshes. It is specificaly intended to be used for the creation of rock objects for POV-Ray and includes several features for degrading the smooth faces of a mesh object towards this end. While it is a UNIX suite of tools there is an early version of the source that was compiled as a DOS comand line utility also available for download.
Sierpinski Curve Generator
SierpCurve is a Windows 95 program that will generate Sierpinski curves. The output can be saved as either a Windows bitmap file, or as POV-Ray 3.x source file.
Generates lightning/sparks File at the Pile.
Create Suds or foam using spheres. This tool was used to create the POV-Ray for windows v3.0 splash screen
Suds Object creation using winbatch
Tcl/Tk/Tix Tools for POV-Ray v3.1
Some simple and useful Tcl apps for POVray users and a tutorial for Sced modeler. Apps include a color map generator, a POV-Ray front end, a texture generator, and a declaration tool.
A simple program to convert .TGA images into density files (.df3) for POV-Ray.
New Tga2Pov conversion Utility Like tgadot of old but much better
TGAMosaic - For RedHat Linux 6.0
This version of TGAMosaic is the same as the windows version of the program only it has been ported to the Linux platform and is offered from a different web site than the original. All functionality at this time is the same.
Unfolds your on-screen model and prints plans for making real 3D paper models. For the Apple Macintosh.
Ultra Fractal: Advanced Fractal Software
The site is dedicated to Ultra Fractal 2, an advanced fractal plotter for Windows 95/98/NT.

Modelling Programs

4D Builder
This is the web site of 4DBuilder, one of those 3D object constructors used in creating objects for render packages, games, or 3DWorlds.
Powerful 3d modeller supporting POV and many other formats.
Animation Editor for Realistic Object movements - Old site still on line
Animation Editor for Realistic Object movements - New Site
Anim8or 3d Modeler
Anim8or is a 3D modeling and character animation program. Output to .3ds.
Art of Illusion
Art of Illusion is a free, open source 3D modelling and rendering studio. It is written entirely in Java, and should be usable on any Java Virtual Machine which is compatible with JDK 1.1 or later.
Freeware 3D software
Blender docs en français
Documentation for the program Blender en français.
he BRL-CAD® Package is a powerful Combinatorial Solid Geometry (CSG) solid modeling system. BRL-CAD® includes an interactive geometry editor, ray tracing support for rendering and geometric analysis, network distributed framebuffer support, image-processing and signal - processing tools. The entire package is distributed in source code form. BRL-CAD is developed and maintained by the US Military and is offered free of charge.
Allows you to build 3D VRML models from 2D images.
Clayworks homepage
Crocus v1.009a
A parametric 3D modeler based on the OpenGL library. Understands lparser files and is able to write them out as Wavefront OBJ-files.
2D+3D cad program for Linux, Amiga, and NetBSD. Supports POV-Ray output.
Free 3D mdl prog. Use for house/build dwgs has .dxf/3dmf in/out
ESV MarbleCLAY beta 4
3D Polygon Modeler with some nice organic modelling capabilities.
Eurêka 2.12
(French site) Appears to be a vrml 3d implicit/parametric surface modeller - POV-Ray models at site
Genesis 3D Editor
A fully functional, realtime 3D editor for windows
g e o m e t i q u e
An interactive 3D geometery viewing program
Goodie Domain Services
Graphics/Raytracing Programs at - Goodie Domain Service Subdir Listing
HexaGreat-3D is the very easy 3D polygon modeler. It is English version of 'Rokkaku-Daioh', the most famous 3D free-software in Japan. Because of its simple operation and flexibility, both beginners and professionals love HexaGreat-3D. Windows output to .DXF.
IRIT modeling environment
IRIT is a solid modeling environment that allows one to model basic, primitive based, models using Boolean operations as well as freeform surface's based models. It has several unique features such as strong symbolic computation, support of trivariate volumes and triangular patches, high portability, and numerous unique applications such as surface layout decomposition, metamorphosis of curves and surfaces, and artistic line art drawings of parameteric and implicit forms. Several OS platforms are supported - see page for details.
K-3D is a crossplatform (only compiled for linux), opensource modeler that seems to have a tool based/deformation based paradigm(Much like elasticity).
K's Legobrot: 3D Lego Fractals
Legobrot creates three dimensional models of fractals based on the mandelbrot set. The output is created in postscript format, which can be viewed on-screen with postscript viewers such as GNU's ghostscript.
Lattice Designer
3D modeller, exports to DXF. Free evaluation version until 31/10/2000. Using Lattice Designer, you can design complicated surface models with easy to use operations.
Your Resource for Web3D, VRML and Virtual Worlds on the Macintosh.
OpenGL Viewer for Mathematica has POV-Ray export
Meshwork v1.5
Meshwork is a 3D triangle-mesh modeling program for MacOS. It is designed especially for making compact, efficient objects for use in 3D games or on the web. MacOS trimesh modeller exports to POV-Ray (and others)
Free modelling program for Linux based systems
MINOS for Windows
2D-3D Cad/Solid Modeller Freeware several nice features
A powerful Lego Modelling environment offered for free.
Model Magic 3D OpenGl Renderer
Model Scene Editor
3D Scene/Texture editor that outputs POVray, VRML, X and SMPL scenes.
MOONLITE is an application of photorealistic indoor lighting projects in AutoCAD enviroment with three dimensional graphics. MOONLITE is used to simulate real objects and the behaviour of the light sources.
Modelling Prog - Free - Good program to learn Nurbs mdl'g with.
Nurbana - Free 3D NURBS Modeling
NURBS (Non-Uniform-Rational-B-Splines) offer a powerful tool for accurate free-form modeling of anything from machinery to organic forms. Our fast OpenGL graphics and innovative user interface are coupled with state of the art NURBS curve, surface, and solid model manipulation tools and precision accuracy to provide one of the highest quality and most affordable 3D editors available.
Panorama home page
PatchDance Home Page
Advanced Mac Modelling Program
Peak3D, win32 2d/3d modeller
Professional and interactive 2D/3D Modeler. Innovative Boolean 3D Algorithm, hierarchical POV-Ray 3.0 Texture Editor, programmable Interface and More.
PolyEdit: Japanese, made by the Doga team. A polygon editor with various 3D export capabilities.
Rhino 3D
Start with sketches, drawings, physical models, or only an idea Rhino provides the tools you need to accurately model your designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, analysis, and manufacturing. Has export support for POV-Ray. This is a commercial program.
Sced: Constraint Based Scene Design
SCene EDitor/Animator vII new page
SCene EDitor/Animator original page
Silicon Dream Ltd - Genesis 3D editor
SoftCAD Lt.
Architect CAD for win - Free Lt. ver
Spazz3D VRML 97 Editor - Shareware
Spazz3D allows you to design and build 3-D scenes, and bring them to life by animating the geometry, and defining rules of interactivity, which can trigger lights, sounds, and animations. Has a nice text extrusion feature. Can be easily converted to POV-Ray format with the VRML2Pov conversion utility.
A Java based 3D modeller with Nurbs support
Techno Win
2D/3D CAD.Full OLE 2.0 supports Multi Doc/View
A java based modelling program
Tree Professional
TREE PROFESSIONAL is a parametric modeller of broadleaf and conifer trees, palms and shrubs, and SF vegetation. Creates photorealistic 3D vegetation with adjustable polygon count and detail.
VRML on the Macintosh
This page is a collection of resources that will be useful for Macintosh users that are interested in Virtual Reality software. The primary focus is on VRML and 3D tools that can be useful for developing interactive virtual worlds.
Morfit - WorldBuilder
The Morfit WorldBuilder (Morfit WB) was designed under four major requirements: It is possible to build any kind of 3D world. The created worlds will run in real-time applications (games for example). Building worlds should be fun and extremely easy, making it possible to build complex scenes in minutes. Minimal hardware requirements (Works on all existing PCs, no special hardware is needed). Supports .RAW file exports.
Implicit Modelling program for unix, x11, and irix systems

POV-Ray Modelling Programs

3Dom - Modelling program
The greatest POV-Ray 3d modeller for unix!
Powerful 3d modeller supporting POV and many other formats.
Bicubic Patch Modeller
A Bicubic patch modeler: English/Japan. Windows. Very basic. Output PovRay.
Blob Master
New Windows Blob Modelling Prog R 0.1a on 04-11-1999
BLOB Sculptor v2.0b
BLOB Sculptor 2.0b - BS is a blob/metaball modeller, that allows you to create unique organic shapes which can be incorporated into your favorite graphics rendering program. Using BS, you can create, position, and edit multiple blobs and their components, preview their interactions, and output the result to such formats as POV-Ray, PolyRay, and DXF (3D Studio, AutoCad) (78KB)
Breeze Designer
BzEdit - English Page
2D Bezier Spline Editor for POV-Ray's prism and lathe. Currentry Only Japanese edition is released. English edition is Coming soon.
CALIMAX Modeller Homepage
Implicit surface modeller
Digi-Art Software - POV-Ray modeller
Human and Organic Modelling program
EB Model 3 for POV-Ray on Atari
Has support for most primitives, wireframe modeller, fractal hf generation (w isometric preview, erosion, antialiasing, mirror, invert), gourad/phong shaded preview, heirarcial representation of the scene, texture preview and it is for atari's only. May be possible to run on Atari emulators.
Extreme Wave Home Page
Designed to work with POV-Ray. Development is being done concurrently on SGI Irix, and Intel Linux.
Forester, a new 3D 'sculpting' program. Forester allows a Terragen scene to be 'populated' with POV-Ray objects, eg trees, rocks, buildings, etc (in fact anything that can be modelled in POV-Ray).
Giram is a POV-Ray oriented modeller for Linux using the GTK+ toolkit.
GUM the Grand Unified Modeller
Has support for POV-Ray
HamaPatch is a program that offers similar functionality to the program sPatch. It is a bicubic patch modelling program. Unlike sPatch this program is still under active development and should continue to evolve into something better. The program has now been designed to be bilingual in the same distrubution offering both English & Japanese.
Hamapatch Homepage - English
This site offers an english version of the new exciting BPatch modelling program called Hamapatch.
Lego modelling for POV-Ray
Light Vision
Modeller/Renderer Claims support for POV-Ray - Free
MagicLight Modeller
Still in dev. - by: Mikaels Aronssons
Mg^2 3D modeler
Mg^2 is a developmental free 3D modeler for Unix. Developers are needed. As of v0.1.16, it supports Povray as an output format. Allows import of .3ds, .dxf and other 3D file formats
Mizno Lab.
Metasequoia: English/Japanese, Windows shareware (Export disabled, full version not yet available outside Japan). Polygon modeler. Export PovRay and others.
Mondfarilo Page
Probably the most useful object editor for the Macintosh; it handles blobs and lathes as well as the simpler shapes.
Moonlight Creator Home
Moray Homepage
Moray of all of the POV-Ray compatible modelling programs offers the most support for POV-Ray's many features and is actively maintained and developed by it's creators. If you are looking for a low cost full featured modelling environment for POV-Ray look no further than here.
Pixels has a flexible commercial PowerPC NURBS modeler and animation system called PixelPutty which exports to 3DMF & DXF (2.0), but will soon export to POV-Ray format as well (2.1). A free demo is downloadable from their web site.
A free simple 3D polygonal modelling program. Versions available for Win95/NT and Amiga. While simple it has some nice features that make modelling intuitive and is easy to work with. Supports outputs to POV-Ray among other formats.
A shareware modeller designed for POV-Ray v2.2 and Polyray but has several features that make is still attractive even for newer versions of POV-Ray
POVLAB's Modeller Home Page
Has several nice modelling features and can be run on WIndows, BeOS, and Linux. Program will export POV-Ray scene files.
Project Struck
Java based solid modelling program w/output to POV-Ray
Pygmalion - Modeler For POV-Ray
Pygmalion: Japanese, Windows & Linux & Source. Mesh modeler surface subdivision. Usable without Japanese knowledge. Output PovRay.
An Online Random surface rendering using POV-Ray
Softy 3D
A unique organic (?) shapes modelling program. Has POV-Ray support Something like SPatch output
SOR Modeller - Dark Skull Software
This Site contains a small 3D modeler that allows to create Surfaces of Revolutions (->Téléchargement\\Surface de Révolution) This program has direct support for POV-Ray v3.1 and will also export to .dxf. Site is in French but the program should be usable by all.q
Spline Patch bicubic patch modelling program with direct export support for POV-Ray.
Comprehensive Software Suite For archetecture - POV-Ray out ?
A full featured Tree/Plant Making Program with full control over the objects shape and form.
Full featured facet based modeller. Exports directly to Radiance, Rayshade, POV-Ray, DXF, as well as other 3D formats. For the Macintosh platform
Visual Engineering
Modeller with POV-Ray output
X-Frog Botanical Modeller
Support for POV-Ray by: Greenworks
XTC - 3D modeler for POV-Ray 3.1
XTC is a good modeler with an opengl previsualisation. Designed for use with POV-Ray.

POV-Ray Official Versions & Resources

3D : POV-Ray Mailing List Home Page
Fichiers d'aide de POV-Ray en français - POV-Ray help files in French
Traduction française de l'aide de POV-Ray 3.00 et 3.10 aux formats HTML (consultation en ligne (3.00-3.10) ou téléchargeable (3.10)) et d'aide Windows téléchargeable. La traduction 3.10 (en version aide de Windows) peut remplacer le fichier d'aide anglais d'origine.
The Internet Ray Tracing Competition
The Internet Ray Tracing Competition is an open competition. Deadline for still image submission is every two months; for animations, every three months. Participants may use any 3D rendering program they choose. If you want to see the best there is in 3D rendering and raytracing this is the place to go.
Neuigkeiten / Planung - POV-Ray Help file in Duetsche
FTP: POV-Ray Access - Temporarily Unavailable
Allows you to access all news group articles without subscribing to POV-Ray's news server. Good for those stuck behind a firewall.
Official POV-Ray Documentation
In .PDF, .DOC, and HTML Formats
POV-Ray Mac OS Info Page
This is the official Macintosh version of POV-Ray home page located on the POV-Ray home page. Contains many resources related to the Mac version of POV-Ray.
POV-Ray mailing list subscription page
POV-Ray - Home Page
Home Page of the Persistence of Vision Raytracer
POV-Ray - FTP Server
Home Page of the Persistence of Vision Raytracer - FTP server
Texture Library 3.0
Located at - Texture Library. The home for all PoV-Ray textures.

POV-Ray Unofficial Patches and Front End Programs

POV-Ray Front End Programs

Jext is a powerful 100% pure Java programmer's text editor. Written by a programmer for programmers, Jext was designed from the ground up to suit your needs. From beginner to skilled coder, everyone should find what they need in this editor. As the program was written in JAVA it should be completely platform independent
Nippov: This seems to be a Japanese PovRay editor.
Pover - GUI wrapper for POV-Ray
Pover is GUI interface for POV-Ray options. The program help's to change many options of the POV-Ray renderer. With Pover you can open and save configuration files for reuse it later. You can associate Pover with PCG files and get your work at one click. Pover may be runned in few instances and puts little emand on system resources.
Front end for POV-Ray under unix and similar platforms
PovMenu is a menu system that runs in an rxvt window and allows you to change the most common command line attributes for rendering with POV-Ray and MegaPov.
PovMode for EMacs
PovPAD and tkPOV
FTP Archives
Povray Render Center
Another Pov Ray Frontend for X-Windows (Linux), based on Perl/PerlTK. Website in german but program in english.
POV-Ray Rendering Center v1.0
In this page, you'll have access to a free X11 based application. It was written with the xform librairie under Linux 2.0.0
This program will allow you to set up a distributed reneder farm to run POV-Ray on a network of computers. This a Win95 GUI application. See page for details.
UV Povmode for Emacs

POV-Ray Patches v2.2

Enhancements for POV-Ray 2.2
Allows the use of Renderman shaders with POV-Ray v2.2 ?
Relativistic Raytracing with POV-Ray v2.2

POV-Ray Patches v3.0

Cmaster Distributive Raytracing POV-Ray v3.0
Cutom Patch for Mac 6200 POV-Ray v3.0
Macintosh PovIso V0.1 Alpha POV-Ray v3.02
Pov-Ray-pvm-nox-3.01-1.i386 RPM
POV-Ray V3.0 Equipotential Surfaces Patch
POV-Ray V3.0 isosurface pactch
POV-Ray v3.0 Render Double-Byte TTF Characters
POV-Ray with Sphere Sweeps POV-Ray v3.02
POV-Ray with Spline paths Patch for v3.0
POV-Ray for OpenVMS Port - POV-Ray v3.02
POV-Ray unofficial compiles v3.0
Versions for OS2, VMS, and IRIX
PovSP POV-Ray v3.01 with Spline Support
PVMPOV- Paralell Raytracing POV-Ray v3.0
Will's POVRay stuff - #exec and C++ patch
Basically, the exec patch allows you to specify an external command in the scene file. The system executes the command and POVRay reads the stdout. It's simple and powerful, though my patch has only been tested under Linux. YMMV. Patched with POV-Ray v3.01 source code

POV-Ray Patches v3.1

Beos Port of POV-Ray v3.1g
POV-RAY 3.1g for BEOS R4.5 Intel
Blob Pattern Patch for POV-Ray v3.1
This patch adds a blob pattern to POV-Ray. The source is available and there is an executable for the Macintosh platfrom.
Chris Huff's POV-Ray v3.1 Patch
Patch work includes things like interior_texture, a few functions, several new patterns, and a couple other things. Draft documentation is included. Source only available at this time
ClothRay is a patched version of POV-Ray, which allows to do cloth simulation. The cloth is rectangular, and interacts with its environement (gravity, some objects lying, wind, ...).
Distpov distributed rendering POV-Ray v3.1
DISTPOV- New Site POV-Ray v3.1
DSW's POV-Ray Site
POV-Ray for BeOS.. but for BeOS programmers, you can now get a small .tgz file of sources to compile a command line version of POV-Ray.
Ellipsoid Pov Patch
Acceleration of Ellipsoid's Normal
IMP POV POV-Ray v3.1g
Distributed and Network rendering plus adds direct support for JPEG images.
Isoblob patch POV-Ray V3.1
Media and Circular Camera Patch
This patch, based on Ron Parkers Super Patch for Pov v3.1, adds a new circular camera type and adds extra functionality to POV-Ray's media feature. The functions added are related to the type of sampling used and helps boost performance of both rendering times and smoothness of the media itself.
MegaPov by Nathan Kopp
MegaPov is the hottest new patched version of POV-Ray in town. The patch by Nathan Kopp ( a member of the POV-Team) has incorporated his original UVPov patch together with Ron Parker's SuperPatch and Smellenbergh's Mac MultiPatch. The three of these very competent patchs offer some astounding new features and the added bennefit of being combined into one source. This version of MegaPov is based on the official POV-Ray for Windows v3.1g souce code and will work with the editor for that version without problems. The source is also available for those who wish to compile this patch on their own platform..
MegaPov for the DEC Alpha running Tru64.
The binaries here should run on all ev 5,6,7 based Dec Alpha running Tru64. The source with modifications for the Alpha is also provided should you need it.
MegaPov for Macintosh
MegaPov patched version of POV-Ray for the MAcintosh platform.
MegaPov for MSDOS
This is a DOS version of the MegaPov Patch of POV-Ray.
MegaPov for Power Mac - MPW MrC
MegaPov for Sun Solaris
This site offers the source code to compile MegaPov on the Sun Solaris Platform.
MegaPov for UNIX - UniMegaPov
This is a Linux/Unix version of the MegaPov Patch of POV-Ray.
MegaPOV-Ray v0.5 OpenVMS Port
MegaPOV-Ray v0.5 for OpenVMS. Currently only the Alpha platform is supported as the VAX version of DEC C doesn't support the IEEE FLOAT mode.
A port to MPI for distributed rendering on clusters - POV-Ray v3.1
mPOV - Media Sample Patch
This patch adds a very simple keyword, sample_spacing, to the media statement. This parameter ensures that if the samples are regularly spaced (as they are in methods 2 and 3) then the distance between a sample and it's nearest neighbour is never greater than sample_spacing. Source only.
TCP/IP based client/server to do raytracing over internet using POV-Ray v3.1
OpenVMS POV-Ray v3.1g
Patched POV-Ray POV-Ray v3.1g
Smooth_Color_Triangle patch. There is a linux-i386, an SGI and a MacOS-PPC binary available for download.
Polysolve patch
This patch will NOT speed up rendering time. This patch did NOT fix any known or unknown bug. This patch will not impruve qualities of root finder. It just surveys results and finds the worst cases. It is important only for developers of POVRay. It is for users who likes extra debug information.
Discussion on setting up PVMPov as a render farm
Pov4Grasp: a patch version of POV-Ray with direct support for GRASP molecular surface files This patch provides direct support for GRASP molecular surface files (mostly dedicated to the structural biology community). Simple, fast, and memory saving. Other features are also currently developped, such as unified camera motion/focal blur effect.
A custom patch of POV-Ray, which allows the use of RenderMan (R) Shading Language for creating custom pigments in POV-Ray. Mostly compatible with existing shaders used in BMRT, Renderman and others. Some limitations do apply.
Pov-Ray MS-DOS SuperPatch POV-Ray v3.1g
POV-Ray Height Field Patch
This is a patched version of POV-Ray v3.1 that adds extra functionality to POV-Ray's height field object.
POV-Ray Improvements
Oriented Area Lights, Circular Area Lights, Object-Ray Options. See page for details.
POV-Ray Irix Binary - POV-Ray v3.1E
POV-Ray 3.1a for OS/2 WARP
POV-Ray v3.1g For OpenVMS
PvMegaPOV brings a set of extensions to the popular POV-Ray 3D rendering package, and is built on the Parallel Virtual Machines library. The rendering can thus be distributed on several machines on a network (preferably a fast LAN), through the use of a master server and several client crunchers. Using several clients on a node also enables to take benefit from multi-processor computers.
PVMPOV - Andreas Dilger POV-Ray v3.1e
QDOS/SMS Port POV-Ray v3.1g
PVM-POV Version 3.1e.1
POV-Ray Rendering in Parallel
Slope Dependant Texture Patch POV-Ray v3.1e
Source only no executable at this site
Square and Triangle Pattern Patch POV-Ray v3.1g
Stochastic Radiosity Patch Page
In July 1999, I wrote a patch for PoV 3.1g that implements a stochastic ray-tracing technique using hemisphere sampling (Monte Carlo integration) to compute global illumination. I named it the "Stochastic Global Illumination" patch. It's totaly independent from the actual radiosity code in PoV.
By Jon A. Cruz - Allows use of unicode ttf fonts in Pov-Ray v3.1
No Longer Available. See the link for MegePov.
UVPov for Linux
Linux Port of Nathan Kopp's Patched POV Ray 3.1a
WARP: conical, spherical, cylindrical and toroidal (with inverse)
Not the warps of megapov, just my vision of warping the space for texture. This was done instead of UV mapping.

Programs Under Development

BDL Modeller - In development
GNU GMAN is a public Domain implementation of Pixar's RenderMan specification.
3D - Unix,SGI, etc. No windows or Mac
Metaball modeller for the Mac - in development
KDE-based POV-Ray modeler for Unix. Currently under development.
Particle-System for Pov-Ray
Must be compiled before it will run ! by: Andreas Hirczy:
Radiosity Nurbs Modelling/Rendering Program
02-04-99 Still in early development
R-Cast Distributed Rendering - In Devlopment
Modeller for POV-Ray under development
Superficie (surface) is a small program that allows to visualize 3D surfaces, and to have certain interaction with them. It allows to rotate, to move away, to show illumination, etc. on the surface at issue. In the future it will be able to save a postscript file (partially done now).
Virtuoso Project Homepage

Raytracing and Rendering Programs

3Delight is a fast RenderMan compatible renderer. 3Delight supports many of the features required to produce photrealistic images including motion blur, depth of field programmable shaders, antialiasing and ray tracing. It is currently available for IRIX, Linux-i686, LinuxPPC and Windows 98/NT platforms.
Integrated lighting design computer tool
This appears to be a somewhat limited new renderman compliant renderer, but will probably develop in the future.
BART Raytracer
Behemot Graphics Editor
FREE. Modeller, renderer for Win 95/NT and Linux, with NURBS/ animations.
Chrome is a ray-tracer written for the Windows95 environment. It attempts to combine the complexity of producing realistic images from mathematical models with the simplicity of a user-friendly graphical user interface.
CLOE render v1.20
CLOE render v1.20 for MS-DOS, Atari, Linux and Sgi
CyberMotion 3D-Designer
Low$ shareware modeller/raytracer
Das Renderingprogramm GAMMA-RAY
DKB-Trace version 2.12
The Predecessor to POV-Ray v1.0
DKB-Trace version 2.12
The predessor to POV-Ray v1.0
EasyRayer, the free ray-tracing library
EasyRayer is a really easy to use creator of photorealistic syntetic scenes. The Library is availble but you must provide your own application for it.
The GOOD Project Raytracer/Modeller
Interval analysis based implicit curve renderer
A radiosity program
Iceray a photo realistic raytracing program.
A java based raytracer
I's WoB
Render on demand service - Need a new desktop image try this site.
Lightflow Rendering Interface
The Lightflow Rendering Interface is an object oriented programming interface to synthetic rendering, which provides a common environment and description language to treat light distribution in three dimensional spaces. Runs under Win95/NT and Linux
Mental Ray
MGF Parser and Examples
Data and software for the Materials and Geometry Format, a least common denominator language for describing scenes and objects suitable for physically-based rendering applications (among other things).
Moonlight Atelier - Unofficial Site
This site has the last version of Moonlight Atelier available for download plus a discussion forum. This is an unofficial site and is in no way related to the original site for the program.
Monzoom 3d
MTV RayTracer
Now 3D v1.8
A 3D raytracing program that offers a GUI modelling interface. It uses mainly polygon shape modelling with a small number of internal primitives. The texture capabilities are good and also offers some advanced features like fog and particles.
Panorama home page
Photon4D RayTracer Page
The Polyray download page
Home Page of the Persistence of Vision Raytracer
The Poor Mans Renderer (PMR)
The Raja Project
Raja stands for "Ray-Tracer in Java". The Raja project intends to build a complete modern Ray-Tracer using the Java langage. The whole source code is under the LGPL terms.
Rayshade Homepage
Ray++ Raytracer
Realtime Rendering Engines Lists
Maintained by: Karsten Isakovic
The Relativistic Raytracer
Render Boy
RenderBoy is an integrated object based 3D boolean solid modeler and photo-realistic "ray-tracing" renderer for the Macintosh platform.
RenderMan - Pixar
A photo realistic rendering tool
Siren: A Simple-Image Renderer
Siren is a scanline implementation of the RenderMan standard for describing 3D scenes. It renders simple scenes well. It supports most of the basic RenderMan functionality and provides many of the optional capabilities described in the RenderMan standard. Siren runs under MS-DOS.
Soft Rats RayTraceSys
Support for implicit surfaces - Unix, Irix, DecAlpha, X11 support - no/MS ver.
Tachyon Parallel / Multiprocessor Ray Tracing System
Tachyon is a multiprocessor ray tracing system which can be used as a stand alone program, or as a library within other programs. It supports almost any Unix-like system, Windows, MacOS-X and BeOS, as well as several embedded systems and high end supercomputers.
Twilight Software
Twilight has developed a "Myst" style game engine and also offers a free hobbiest version along with documentation and a sample game. The license would allow someone to develop and publish a game (delivered free over the internet) POV-Ray users might find this useful for creating their own games using POV-Ray images.
Unofficial Rayshade Linux/Windows Port
TCL/TK version of Rayshade. New features have been added to the 'G-Ray' raytracing engine. It's now a free 3d modeling package. It's still in the early phases of production, but it seems to be working fine. It's still based on the Rayshade engine, but many improvements have been added, including a front-end which is coming along nicely.
The VERA Raytracer
Vivid 2.0
This is the Vivid raytracer version 2.0. It has been out of development for several years and will only run in a dos environment.
Vivid 3.0
The Vivid 3.0 raytracer by Stephan Coy. This is the last version of the program.

Shells, Spirals, and Helixes

ABWTwist: Twisted Shapes for POV-Ray
ABWTwist is a utility to create data files for the POV-Ray ray tracer, Version 2.x and onwards. It creates twisted spirals of spheres, cubes or blobs that grow or shrink in size, spiral in or out, rotate, stretch or contract. In particular, ABWTwist is ideal for creating organic looking twisted creatures.
ShellyLib Home Page - Shareware

Splines and Piping

Interpolation with Polynomials and Splines
An online java based applet that lets you visualize splines.
1.0 Beta by Mike Weber uses BSplines to make Pipes in POV-Ray plus make spline based animation paths
SpilinEditor is a graphical curve editor mainly designed for POV-Ray 3.0x raytracer. You can draw and edit 2D cubic_spline curves used in LATHE and PRISM primitives then obtain a 3D shaded preview (via OpenGL library) of the corresponding object. It takes advantage of an accelerated video card if present.
Steve Abbott's Celtic Knotwork for POV-Ray
Torpatch Home Page
Torpatch is a data file generator for the Persistence of Vision raytracer. Given a series of points in space, Torpatch joins them smoothly with sections of tori.

SoftWare Graphics - Misc.

FTP Resources

FTP Cornell Edu
Directory has index files contents of other FTP sites
Misc - The Program AERO available here
FTP server Stanford University
FTP Site Cdrom.Com
Major mirror Site for Shareware Software
FTP Sites FTP mirror list - ***MAJOR** list of other FTP sites
FTP German
Has a little of everything
FTP MicroSoft DL Library
All of the downloadable files that MS offers
FTP: University at Stuttgart
sprechen sie Deutsch ?
FTP mirror of files at - Win95 share/freeware

PhotoShop and PSP Filter Plugins

Paint Shop Pro 5
Paint Shop Pro Filters and plugins and Filter Tutorials
Photoshop Plugged IN - Freeware Filters Index
PhotoShop and PSP Plug-ins
Photoshop - Plug-Ins
Commercial site
Photoshop - Plug-Ins - FF Galleries & Collections
Plugin Com HQ
Plugins, effect and tools for image and video editing
PS/PSP Plugins
Paint Shop Pro Filters and plugins and Filter Tutorials
PS/PSP Plugins
Free from TwoMoons Nice collection
PS/PSP Plugins
High end Demos -some fully functional -PC & MAC avail.
PS/PSP Plugins
Image Editing Filters -Free 10 pcs.
PS/PSP Plugins
Johann's Filters - 10 Free - 3 for making floor tile patterns
PS/PSP Plugins
PlugIn Com HQ - 50 Free PC and Mac versions
Red Prince’ Atelier
Numerous plug-ins written in assembly language for speed and small memory requirements. Nice collection.
Toad's Slimy Mudhole
30 free PS-compatible plugins for Win and Mac.

3D Software Central
Demo's - 3d - functional and crippled mix. Includes Real 3D, TrueSpace 2 Demo, PSP 3.0 fully functional demo, and a program called Mesh Paint also a fully functional demo.
Display 189a
Program converts between many different graphics file formats. See also display 189b.
Display 189b
Fonts & driver sources for Display
E-Cards: Christmas
Search over 75 million files.
FerretSoft Home Page
The software offered here offers faster web searches and the use of more search engines at one time.
Fractal Programs
A number of Win32 (fractal) programs by Terry Gintz, one (FractalZPlot) being especially interesting because of the ability to convert the z-buffer information of its 3d-fractal types to Wavefront OBJ-format
Fractint Homepage
Fractint is a freeware fractal generator created for IBMPC's and compatible computers. It is the most versatile and extensive fractal program available for any price. A long time favorite of POV-Ray users for background texture maps and height field creation.
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
The Home Page for Ghostscript, an interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF, and related software and documentation.
GIMP Homepage
The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. There is a version of the GIMP for most any platform available
Graphic Files Conversion Programs
FTP site contains about 13 utilities for converting between different graphic file formats. Also on this site you will find VFD (video for dos) and DTA (Daves targa animator) version 2.2.
Groan Zone
Graphics/Image Processing resources
Home of Jasc Software, Inc.
Makers of Paint Shop Pro
Home Planet Release 3
X11 Image Processing and Display Package
Optical Flow
A new tool for combining two pictures (in bmp format) using an optical flow algorithm. It is very useful where you want to scan a picture that is bigger than the size of the scanner or you have two images from a similar perspective that you would like to combine into one image. Might also be useful for people doing ditributive rendering who need to recombine several pieces of an image together.
PhotoLine Homepage
QBasic Page
Sunsite Mirrors
Monster FTP Mirror Site
Free 3D Demo Software
Comprehensive list of Animation FTP Sites
Multiple image tiling program Very COOL check it out !
Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM)
Find broken links on your site
Viewer/converter for a huge number of bitmap formats, available for a number of different machines/OS (for Windows there are even different language versions!)
Software Library -share/freeware, demos

Texture Editors and Tools

Makes Red-Blue Pictures - Use with POV-Ray to Create Stereo Images
Arabeske Home Page
Complicated Texture Maker for Pov-Ray
A free texture editor for Windows 9x which will support POV-Ray 3.1 textures. It also has a preview feature. This is basically a front-end to generate POV texture code.
Colori is a color selector and viewer that will paste code into text editor.
Color_map Editor for POV-Ray
Color Picker utility
Same as others - allows option to stay on top in POV-Ray and will paste rgb values into pigment statements
Win style color pick chart or color pick tool - paste as rgb into POV-Ray pigment statement
COLSORT - perl script for POVRAY
COLSORT is a perl script that extracts the #declared colors out of a pov file and sorts them according to their hue, staturation, lighting and gray values to write them then into a browsable html-file. To run COLSORT you will need a working version of PERL.
FST shape conversion and post-processing system - for POV-Ray
Infinity Textures Texture Maker
Infinity Textures (I-Tex) is a powerful Texture Designer and Generator
Kelvin or wavelength to RGB converter
An online form that converts color temperature or wavelength to RGB.
Materialize 3D
Model texturing utility - Indotek Software
Mirror of
Demo files- MeshPaint and file number sequencer
Color Selector and Converter. Like many other color picker tools for POV-Ray this progam will allow you to use slider controls to choose the right color for your scene and then paste them as rgb<0, statements. This program offers the advantage that you may also enter hex code values as well to be converted to rgb format. A good all around color picking utility for Windows 95/NT
Rendersoft Illusionae - 3D Texture Maker
POV-Ray v 3.01 texture editor English-page
Sausage Software - Reptile 2
Reptile 2 allows you to easily produce any combination of wavy, bubbly, organic, big, small, wide, narrow, rough or smooth textures. And besides generating a vast range of shapes and surfaces the program also features a great way to color the textures to suit the look and feel you require. This program is free.
SWS Sine Wave Surfer
Free texture generator
TC's Grapic Links
RanTex - Random Texture Generator for POV-Ray. Both a Windows and DOS versions available.
Texture Editor for POV-Ray 3.0
Texture Editor has been conceived to exploit all of the possibilities of PovRay 3.0 texture features and facilitates easy creation of new textures for your scenes
Texture Magic! - for POV-Ray
Texture Magic Home Page
Tool for scanning, cataloging and viewing of POV-Ray textures under Windows 95/ 98/ NT
Tile 99 Freeware
A freeware tilable texture creation tool.
This program creates seamless textures for use as background in web pages and other applications. It also can create seamless tga heightfields for POV-Ray.
TKMatman home page
TKMatman is a tool that lets you interactively set and adjust parameters to RenderMan shaders and preview images with the given parameters. It can handle surface, displacement, interior, exterior, atmosphere, light and imager shaders and their combinations.
UVMapper - Texture Map Creation Utility
Have you ever said to yourself "I'd love to use this Wavefront model I found on the web, but it doesn't have a texture map, and without a program like Detailer or Painter I can't figure out how to color it?" Well if you have, then UVMapper is the program for you.

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