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3D Tutorials

Using 2D in a 3D World
An interesting discussion on when to use 2D objects in your 3D scenes. The topic is not program specific so will apply to any 3D work that you may do.
Covers most modelling programs and a couple related to POV-Ray animations
Anatomy of an Explosion
Defining the effect - multi platform
Animation and Movie Making With Linux
A discussion on the tools, techniques, and processes involved with making movies and animations under a Linux environmnet. POV-Ray is discussed as one of the tools that Linux user like to use.
Cloth animation (Xavier Provot)
Today, many research labs are working on physically-based models applied to cloth animation. The most common approach is to represent cloth objects by an elastically deformable surface.....
CSG reference
Warp's CSG reference. Show how the various CSG operations in POV-Ray work.
Drews Digital Design Page
Drews Digital Design, the Tutorial Terminal! Over 400 direct links to online tutorials. Over 140 for Max alone. Over 140 for Photoshop. Over 120 tutorials on Fractal Design Painter. Tutorials on CharacterStudio, Lightwave, AfterFX, Premiere, CorelDraw, TrueSpace as well as others. Links to online magazines in this genre.Links to free ultilities, textures, 3D models, bip files etc.The most comprehensive direct link tutorial site in the world !
Programmers resource, loads of cool graphics programming related docs.
FRACTINT L-systems tutorial
GFX Page
Spatch Tutorials - Dom's Homepage
Height Fields in Raytracing
General dicussion on theory, format, and use of
Highlighter's Point
Downloads,Links und Tuts rund um Highlight Pro 3.0. Site is in German only.
Ideas The Twenty-first Century Strain.
Running short of new ideas for scene development? Don't know where to start? Need a new challenge? Check out the ideas we present. Perhaps your motivation is just a click away...
Imaging the Imagined : Modeling with Math & a Keyboard
The math, theory & practice of rendering, imaging, and animation. Has some excellent interactive demonstrations to browse through.
Introduction to AutoCAD
Leveller Documentation - About Heightfields
A consice discussion on what height fields are and the technology behind their creation
LParser Tutorial
L-systems tutorial - general
Media Cosmos
Site contains info abaot 3D, graphics, and animation. Caution: Graphics intensive site.
Modelling the Surface of the Human Cortex
Spatch Tutorial in French
Modelling Human Heads
General discussion on the computer generation of terrain using various techniques.
Terrain information Page Micro tutorial
The Recursive Ray Tracing Algorithm
An Excellent introduction to Raytracing
The White Flame Page of Learning - Algorithms
Sick of hearing people name off algorithms that you should use, yet you have no clue what they are, much less how to implement them? Sick of people who won't take the time to explain algorithms and instead reference you to a book that you can't afford? Well, here's some info to help you out, for both the beginner and the advanced.

POV-Ray Tutorials

3D-Bilder mit POV-Ray
A German tutorial on the use of POV-Ray
3D Stereo Pairs with POV-Ray
About while loops and POV-Ray
How to make double spirals, moebius, screws, snails and ammonites (English and German).
Adding Glows with PSP5
Details a process for post-processing your POV-Ray scene file to add realistic "glows" to objects like light bulbs using Paint Shop Pro.
Andrew's POV-Ray Tips, Tutorials, and Help
Advanced POV-Ray Animation for Beginners
by - Steve Strickland
An Introduction to POV-Ray
A personal gallery with some tutorial notes
Basic Introduction to POV-Ray
Christoph's Page
Has some great material for some of POV-Ray's more advanced features including isosurfaces, radiosity and Warps. German and English versions available.
Clustor and Image Rendering - POV-Ray
Software Clustor used with Pov-Ray brings huge time improvement, when calculating animations
Creating a Forest Scene with Leveller and POV-Ray
This tutorial hosted by the creator of the program Leveller explains how to create a vegetated landscape scene using the Leveller heightfield editor and POV-Ray v3.1+.
Creating Caves with Heightfields
This tutorial shows a method of creating caves and grottos using POv-Ray's height field object.
Creating realistic brick patterns in POV-Ray
POV-Ray Brick Tutorial
Difference Mini Tutorial
Paul Dawsons Page
Documentation francophone du MegaPov (superpatch)
A tutorial on IsoSurfaces in French.
Expanding POVRAY World
Basic tutorials, objects, and images. Japanese only.
Fichiers d'aide de POV-Ray en français - POV-Ray help files in French
Traduction française de l'aide de POV-Ray 3.00 et 3.10 aux formats HTML (consultation en ligne (3.00-3.10) ou téléchargeable (3.10)) et d'aide Windows téléchargeable. La traduction 3.10 (en version aide de Windows) peut remplacer le fichier d'aide anglais d'origine.
Foundations Of 3D Raytracing (Introduction)
German POV-Ray tutorial
Gil Babin's POV-Ray Tips and Tricks
Offers a few tricks for the use of POV-Ray including one nice section on animating water. Site is in both French and English.
Greg's boids page
This page is to offer some hints on how to run my boids algorithm to create flocking particles. Last updated June 26, 2000.
Grimoire Table of Contents
Site contains a detailed POV-Ray tutorial plus offers a collection of links, reviews, and POV-Ray objects available for download.
Halo Art 3D
Tutorials & other information
How to render a DEM heightfield with POV-Ray
Image Mapping Tutorial
This tutorial comprehensively covers the image mapping process used in POV-Ray. It is very well written and well documented with both examples of code and images for comparison. A very well done tutorial with the depth needed to understand this sometimes very difficult to understand process.
Advanced articles on POV-Ray usage
Introduction à POV-ray in French
La description des mots-clefs de povray en français
Site contains an Isosurface gallery of images and a nice beginners tutorial on using Isosurfaces in the patched versions of POV-Ray that support this feature.
Isosurface manual: Overview
A detailed overview of the isosurface feature in the patched version of POV-Ray called MegaPov. You will find a wealth of information here with regards to isosurfaces and their usage.
Isosurface Tutorial
Isosurfaces are a feature of various patched versions of the POV-Ray raytracer (original patch was presented by R. Suzuki). They are available in Superpatch, and in MegaPOV. This tutorial assumes that you have some basic knowledge of isosurfaces
JK's POV-Ray pages - Tutorial
Kaleidoscopes tutorial
This tutorial will teach you how to use POV-Ray to make some very interesting Kaleidoscopic images. It is easy to do and the images are stunning.
Leveller/POV-Ray Tutorial
This tutorial focuses on using the program Leveller in conjunction with POV-Ray for landscape development. In particular it shows techniques used to place objects accurately along the surface of an HF object.
Mike AlamatheaJ5 Sky/Water Tutorial
MS-DOS POV-Ray with OS/2
A discussion on using OS/2 can be better than MS-DOS for POV-Ray. Typical CyberSpittle hype about POV-Ray and IBM\'s OS/2 Warp operating system.
Natural random with POV
Samples (palms and reeds) on how to simulate natural disorder and controlled irregularity (English / German, with source files).
Neuigkeiten / Planung - POV-Ray Help file in Duetsche
Online POV-Ray Tutorial
Online POV-Ray Tutorial
Shows off 3D panoramas and objects created in POV-Ray. Offers a short discussion on the software and techniques used in their creation.
Poly-object Tutorial
A technical tutorial on using POV-Ray's Poly object. (Do not confuse this with the polygon object which is different)
POV is Trig
If you rotate an object, you often don’t know where one end is. If you know where it was to begin with, you can use trigonometry to figure out where it will be. Or, more specifically, you can let POV use trigonometry to figure out where it will be.
PovPlace Tutorials
Site contains a POV-Ray tutorial page that contains a few tips and tricks plus a section on using MegaPov's Post_Processing features.
POV-Ray Tutorials FAQ
POVRAY Raytracing Gallery Andrea and Friedrich Lohmueller
3D computer grafics from abstract, foto realism, surrealism to architecture and technics rendered with POVRAY. Tutorial with examples and tips (English and German).
POV-Ray Animation FAQ
This a great FAQ on using POV-Ray's animation features.
POV-Ray Basics
POV-Ray Bicubic Mesh Tutorial
POV-Ray Book Project - Home Page
A site devoted to offering a comprehensive source of tutorials dedicated to POV-Ray.
PoV Cornell Box Page
POV-Ray Galerie
Tutoriaux (A tutorial on using POV-Ray). Contains a section on using POV-Ray's new media function. The page is in both English and in Française.
POV-Ray by Phong
POV-Ray, 3D Studio MAX and Photoshop Tutorials
POV-Ray Cyclopedia
This tutorial site is an attempt to present various unique techniques used in POV-Ray It is not a general POV-Ray tutorial site.
How to in German
POV-Ray Lessons
POV-Ray Newbie FAQ
POV-Ray Quick Reference
This is an accumulation and refinement of the entire syntax for the POV-Ray™ Scene Description Language. Also provided are the limitations for the values given with various keywords. Note that the syntax conventions used here are slightly different than those used in the official user documentation which may be acquired at the - - site.
Pov-Ray tips
Tutorials cover texture creation, scene creation and layout, use of the camera, and a section on using POV-Ray's random number function.
POV-Ray Tips, and Tricks, and Techniques
This is must reading for all new users of the program POV-Ray. This faq answers the most commonly asked questions in the news groups and was put together by many experienced volunteers.
POV-Ray's Wood Texture Tutorial
POV: Scripting Tutorial
This is a tutorial on using POV-Ray's advanced scripting abilities. It covers the sensible use of declared variables, how to use POV-Ray's special directives and functions, plus it has a good section on the creation and use of POV-Ray's macro function.
POV Ray Study Gallery
Step by Step instruction to the POV Ray script with Picts. Also includes resource links.
POV-Ray Water Tutorial
Using POV-Rays media feature to create realistic appearing water.
Radiosity test 2
Not so much a tutorial as it is an example of POV-Ray's radiosity feature. There is a comments section that shows the paramenters used and why they where choosen.
Raytraced Sphere Sweeps
A little information on using "sphere sweeps" in your scenes. This function is currently not in the official version of POV-Ray and requires on of the patched versions of POV-Ray to use it. This feature is available in Ron Parker's SuperPatch.
Rendering Times News
Robert Fremin's POV-Ray tutorial
Rune's Blob Tutorial
A great tutorial on using POV-Ray's blob object. Tutorial does a good job of removing some of the mystries encountered trying to understand the various features of the blob object.
Scattering media
Scattering media 2
Silver Tome
A nice collection of tutorials dedicated to the medium to advanced user of POV-Ray
Split Infinity
3D animation tutorials
StereoGrams Tutorial
How to create depth-maps for stereograms with a 3D program like POV-Ray.
Stone wall technique
This POV-Ray tutorial shows how to reconstruct an approximate height field version of an object from it's texture. The height field image can also be used as bump map. In particular this tutorial shows how to make a realistic rock wall from a simple stone wall texture image.
Tutorials for POV-Ray
POV-Ray tutorial on adding atmosphere to a planet.
Tutorials online
Anto Matkovic's Page
Tutorials - Persistence of Text
Understanding the POV-Ray matrix keyword
Another well described tutorial on using POV-Ray's matrix function.
Uniform Polyhedra
Using the POV-Ray Matrix tutorial
Visual Introduction to POV-Ray
Windows POV-Ray Tutorial
An archive of winpvtut
XenoArch: How to Make a Moon
This tutorial focuses on using the new Iso-Surface function available in the SuperPatch version of POV-Ray for making a moon cratered object.

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