This is a collection of objects from POVRay user. The collection is public, that means everybody can access to the object and everybody is welcome to put up his or her own objects. The idea of this collection is to share, so when you download objects please take care to help this collection growing by adding objects you have written or modelled by yourself.
Though this collection is a POVRay collection, objects which are made with modellers (e.g. MORAY, Rhino3D) are also welcome. If you want to add such an object, please send your object in the format usually used with your modeller AND in the .pov format.

To add an object, you have to prepare following:

There are two ways how to submit your object:

EMail submission

This way of submission functions certainly. But it means a lot of work for me. Otherwise please try out the web submission first and use the email submission only if there is an error or you have problems or when your object isn't shown in the collection a week after your submission.
This kind of submission is quite easy: Write an email to which contains the things listened above.

Web submission

This way of submission has worked quite well recently. I haven't heard of any problems. Though don't be surprised if something goes wrong.
This submission is now completely web based. It works (or should work) with netscape 2.0 and higher. I don't know about IE and other browsers.

First step: Click here and fill out the form.

Thank you for your efforts.