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Arch (1.6kB) POV 3.0
Creates an Arch (or a circle, depending on the starting and ending points), made by steel tubes.
by Wouter Dijk - POV 3.0 - Feb 12 1999
City Generator (35kB) POV 3.1
The City Generator Include File builds cities using a combination of include, macro, and object files to create cities, towns, etc. Each of these files support different options to change the sort of city that is created, and you can design your own macro and/or object files to create entirely new and different cities.
by Chris Colefax - POV 3.1 - Sep 30 1999
Columns (3.1kB) POV 3.0
This INC file contains POVRAY 3 definitions for columns from the five orders of classical architecture.
by Nathan O'Brien - POV 3.0 - Oct 6 1999
Construction Fence (18125 Bytes) POV 3.1
Type of fence you might find at a construction site - complete with standing blocks and Keep Out sign.
by Reuben Pearse - POV 3.1 - May 2 2001
Fireplug (3758 Bytes) POV 3.1
A pretty well detailed red and rusty fireplug.
by Christophe Bouffartigue - POV 3.1 - Jul 3 2000
Fountain (3.1kB) POV 3.0
A modern cascade fountain made of red bricks.
by Reinhard Rettelbach - POV 3.0 - Aug 2 1998
Fountain II (2.1kB) POV 3.0
A modern cascade fountain made of red tiles.
by Reinhard Rettelbach - POV 3.0 - Aug 6 1998
XIXe Paris street lamp (4.2kB) POV 3.1
This macro creates a street lamp such as the ones you could find in Paris in the XIXe century. It's a totally imaginary model though.
by Gilles Tran - POV 3.1 - May 1 1999
Pensacola Lighthouse (4.8kB) MegaPOV
POV-Ray Model of the historic Pensacola Lighthouse.
by Bob Hughes - MegaPOV 0.5 - Aug 29 2000
Simple Table (998 Bytes) POV 3.1
A simple table for an outdoor type of scene. ex. a picnic
by Jason Scott - POV 3.1 - Dec 29 2000
Internal Door (4732 Bytes) POV 3.0
Panelled door with sculpted frame. Correct size for most modern British houses. Not parameterised.
by Jason Ginn - POV 3.0 - Mar 20 2001
Splitlevel House (9964 Bytes) POV 3.1
A two-storey house with a garage underneath and a deck out the front with external stairs. Plus a fence around part of the property. Designed for viewing from the front, the back is bare.
by Tracy - POV 3.1 - May 8 2002
Venice street lamp (7.5KBytes) POV 3.5
A streetlamp modeled after a lamp in Venice, Italy.
by Mark Slone - POV 3.5 - Aug 20 2002
Venus de Milo Statue (298kB) POV 3.0
Smooth mesh of Venus de Milo Statue. A favourite of many. Useful in gardens, house decor, and museum scenes. It is extremely smooth.
by Ken Tyler - POV 3.0 / 3.1 - Apr 4 1999
Stone & brick walls (2.5kB) POV 3.1
Straight wall and round wall macro. The brick can be a box or an ellipsoid. These macros make quite simplistic walls.
by Gilles Tran - POV 3.1 - May 1 1999
Watergames (3253 Bytes) MegaPOV
A small, decorative fountain.
by Reinhard Rettelbach - MegaPOV 0.3 - Jan 11 2000
Windows / balconies and shutters (9.8kB) POV 3.1
This set of macros creates a window with an optional window case, a balcony and shutters. Window size and aperture, as well as many other items, are set by parameters. Windows can have one or two panes, and the number of vertical and horizontal separators can be chosen.
by Gilles Tran - POV 3.1 - Apr 30 1999
2-parts windows (2kB) POV 3.1
Macro to create windows with many options.
by Fabien Mosen - POV 3.1 - Jul 9 2000
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