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8" Bass (5212 Bytes) POV 3.1
A stunning, beautiful textured bass that doesn't exsist really. But it looks strong, very strong.
by Laurent Glodt - POV 3.1 - Jan 26 2001
CD Texture (4.2kB) POV 3.1
With the CD include file you can make CD textures that looks realistic even in animations.
by Rune S. Johansen - POV 3.1 - Jul 16 1999
LEDs (1276 Bytes) POV 3.1
The objects in this file are 4 LEDs all on. The file is a modified sample file from the POV 3.1 for windows installation. It was done by Dan Farmer, it's his Laser Light file. I modified the objects to represent LEDs.
by Mike Cyples - POV 3.1 - Sep 14 2001
Floodlight (28kB) POV 3.1
This include file defines a flood light and provides a macro to place one in a scene.
by Ian Shumsky - POV 3.1 - Aug 18 2000
Phone (28kB) POV 3.0
A dark blue telephone.
by Manfred Agne - POV 3.0 - Sep 22 1998
Speaker (no cabinet) (1.4kB) POV 3.1
This is a simple but convincing audio speaker.
by Bryan Valencia - POV 3.1 - Oct 11 1999
Transistor Radio (12kB) MegaPOV
Model of a transistor radio, very popular in the late fifties in Germany. I remember my sister has owned such one as a teenager, and she was sooo proud on it. ;-)
by Reinhard Rettelbach - MegaPOV 0.3 - Sep 9 1999
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