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Basketball (88kB) MegaPOV
An isosurface basketball, radius 1 POV unit.
by Alan Holding - MegaPOV 0.7 - Jul 29 2001
Interfering waves (3646 Bytes) MegaPOV
#macro describing a box with two interfering circular waves on its topside. (real interference, no surface normals) Parameters: centre, amplitude, wavelength and damping
by Reinhard Rettelbach - MegaPOV 0.3 - Dec 26 1999
Sticky Iso (2202 Bytes) MegaPOV
This iso thingy looks sticky somehow.
by Reinhard Rettelbach - MegaPOV 0.3 - Feb 2 2000
Isosurface pattern functions (3.5kB) MegaPOV
A group of (hopefully) useful functions for use in isosurfaces and function patterns.
by Chris J. Huff - MegaPOV 0.4 - Sep 12 2000
Isosurface helix (1748 Bytes) MegaPOV
Helical isosurface object with a "bumpy" surface and rims.
by Reinhard Rettelbach - MegaPOV 0.3 - Dec 26 1999
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