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Blobman (484kB) POV 3.1
Set of POV-Ray macros that generate a humanoid figure from Blobs, the Head, Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet and Fingers can all be positioned. Hair of varying styles can be added if required, as an image_map for each limb segment.
by Peter Houston - POV 3.1 - Jul 17 2002
Dodo (31kB) Moray POV 3.1
The main character called 'Dodo' from my book "I Hate My Glasses".
by Stewart Cowley - POV 3.1 / Moray - Nov 25 1999
Heart (34kB)
Realistic model of a human heart.
by Bob Hughes - POV 1.0 - Jul 14 2000
Human (4.9kB) POV 3.0
Human figure. Not very detailed, but very flexible.
by Benjamin D Chambers - POV 3.0 - Jun 25 1998
Soldier (2.8kB) POV 3.0
Soldier include file, with an axeman as example.
by Benjamin Keil - POV 3.0 - Jul 26 1998
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