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Cactus (2.9kB) POV 3.0
A little spherical cactus in it's little plastic pot. And many many many little spikes.
by Fabien Mosen - POV 3.0 - Aug 6 1998
Grass and flowers (7.5kB) POV 3.0

by Gordon - POV 3.0 - Jul 11 1999
Grass and prairie (6.6kB) POV 3.1
The MakeGrass macro generates a square patch of grass of a given size and density. Each blade is independently created with its own length and curvature. The patches can then be assembled into a prairie. The patch mesh can be saved as an include file for later use.
by Gilles Tran - POV 3.1 - Apr 30 1999
IsoCactus (3.6kB) MegaPOV
Cactus made with MegaPOV's isofunction feature.
by Chris Huff - MegaPOV 0.4 - Apr 9 2000
Pear (9.1kB) POV 3.0
Based on a real object.
by Francisco Muñoz - POV 3.0 - Jul 6 1998
Weed (2004 Bytes) POV 3.0
POV-file to create weed-looking objects.
by Micha Riser - POV 3.0 - Aug 28 1998
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