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Earth (3.5kB) POV 3.1
Earth include file. Additionally to this file you need to download an image map and a bump map for the earth (see the instruction in the file). You can also apply a grid map to the earth's sphere.
by Micha Riser - POV 3.1 - Aug 22 2000
Galaxy Include File (23.2kB) POV 3.0
The Galaxy Include File package allows you to create a variety of outer- space scenes which can be used on their own or as backgrounds to other scenes and animations. In addition to spiral galaxies, the Galaxy Include File package can also create starfields, star clusters, nebulae, comets, and meteor showers.
by Chris Colefax - POV 3.0/3.x - Sep 30 1999
Juptier (2.9kB) POV 3.1
This is NOT a representation of a realistic Jupiter, only example of such a planet. The warp is placed (trial and error in this case) over a thin reddish line.
by Bob Hughes - POV 3.1 - Sep 26 2000
Pov Planetarium (74kB) POV 3.0
Program and a set of POV-Ray include files that can be used to model the Solar system. The program runs under DOS.
by Marius van der Spek - POV 3.0 - Jul 25 1999
Stary Sky (1529 Bytes) POV 3.1
A random, but very lifelike sky using ambient light and thousands of small spheres.
by Yann Ramin - POV 3.1 - Dec 30 2000
Sun with flares and corona (4kB) MegaPOV POV 3.1
Animatable to an extent. This Sun is not meant to be accurate, just my interpretation. Will look different in Official POV-Ray as opposed to MegaPOV.
by Bob Hughes - POV 3.1 / MegaPOV 0.7 - Jun 6 2001
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