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Cards (271kB) POV 3.0
Include file containing two empty cardcases and a face down deck of cards.
by Tom Stone - POV 3.0 - Feb 12 1999
Chess Sets (292004 Bytes) POV 3.5
Small set of macros to ease generation of chess scenes. 4 sets of Chess pieces included.
by James Garner - POV 3.5 - Jul 27 2002
Chips (3.5kB) POV 3.1
Poker Chips. NO Cards included.
by Ken Tyler - POV 3.1 - Feb 28 1999
Newton's cradle (1.4kB) POV 3.1

by Ian Shumsky - POV 3.1 - Aug 18 2000
Goban (2433 Bytes) POV 3.5
Include file and example to create go board and stones.
by Tuomas Ojamies - POV 3.5 - Oct 13 2002
Poolballs (2.5kB) POV 3.0
This INC file contains POVRAY 3 definitions for poolballs of various types.
by Nathan O'Brien - POV 3.0 - Oct 6 1999
Poolballs (2.8kB) MegaPOV
This scene demonstrates how to put text on objects using text objects and the object pattern. The MakeBall macro takes an object and resizes it to fit the spot, the MakeTextBall macro takes a character and automatically generates a text object and calls the MakeBall macro. The text is flipped around for the opposite side of the ball.
by Christopher James Huff - MegaPOV 0.5 - Sep 26 2000
Rubik's cube (5kB) POV 3.1
Macros & definitions for a moveable Rubik's cube.
by John L. Bolt - POV 3.1 - Sep 9 1999
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