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Tintin's rocket (97kB) POV 3.1 Moray
Made with hammapatch.
by Txemi Jendrix - POV 3.1 / Moray / Hammapatch - Mar 18 2002
Balloon Doggy (2.6 kB) POV 3.1
A dog made out of twisted balloons as featured in my book surprisingly entitled "The Balloon Doggy" at http://tatooine.fortunecity.com/andersen/116/index.htm
by Stewart Cowley - POV 3.1 - Nov 5 1999
Bob (4570 Bytes) POV 3.5
Bob is a lego character to be used in animations. He has a helmet and 6 different face expressions. He moves the arms, hands, head and legs. He has 3 skin and hair colors, and 7 different colors for the shirt, pants and helmet. Included are also a waistcoat, a chair and an umbrella. The file header shows how to use it.
by Valdemir Carrara - POV 3.5 - Oct 13 2002
Lego House (12516 Bytes) POV 3.5
My first attempt at something decent in povray. The actual calculations are silly as the points of origin are all over the place. If someone wanted to fix it up and post it back then that would be great :) either way i hope you like my lego house :)
by Harvey Ball - POV 3.5 - May 06 2004
Toddlers bike (7kB) POV 3.1 Moray
A little bike as used by very young kids all over the world.
by Stewart Cowley - POV 3.1 / Moray - Jun 7 2000
Marble (5kB) POV 3.1
A nice little Marble. There is also a version in the zip file which uses MegaPOV's photons feature.
by Stewart Cowley - POV 3.1 - Feb 19 2001
Toy pig (3.5kB) POV 3.1
A toy pig that plays the glockenspiel as it trundles along.
by Stewart Cowley - POV 3.1 - Nov 2 1999
Pokéball (2137 Bytes) POV 3.1
Two versions of Pokéballs based on the anime 'Pokémon'.
by John F. Ashton-Keller - POV 3.1 - Jan 3 2000
Rubber Duck (49kB) POV 3.1
The rubber duck that appears in my book "Is Georgia . . . a hamster?"
by Stewart Cowley - POV 3.1 - Jun 4 2000
Snowman (5987 Bytes) POV 3.1
Mainly an indoor snowman, but it can also be used for outdoor scenes.
by Kurt Bangert - POV 3.1 - Dec 26 1999
Toy horse (5.4kB) POV 3.1
It's one of those toys that when you press the base it collapses and when you release it stands up again.
by Stewart Cowley - POV 3.1 - Oct 31 1999
Wooden Dog (7.9kB) POV 3.1
An exact copy of a wooden dog my children ride around on and as used in my book "There's a Spider In the Curtain".
by Stewart Cowley - POV 3.1 - Nov 25 1999
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